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ZF1EJ makes a splash on 630-meters!

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New DX blood joined the North American 630-meter crew last night!  Eden, ZF1EJ, using a Inlogis Magnetic Loop, reported a number of the usual suspects, including newcomer Rob, K3RWR / WH2XXC.


Five US stations made it to ZF this morning



WH2XND reports from ZF1EJ at 20% transmit cycle



WH2XXC reports from ZF1EJ at 23% transmit cycle.



WG2XJM reports from ZF1EJ at around 20% transmit cycle.



WG2XIQ reports from ZF1EJ at 30% transmit cycle.



WG2XXM reports from ZF1EJ at 50% transmit cycle.  Note that Ken had 55 reports and they would not all fit on the screen capture.

Eden reports that 630-meter is available for use in ZF and that he is working on putting together a station and antenna to transmit.  This is great news because it adds another easy DX contact for new US amateurs once the band opens under Part-97.

Eden has a very active contest station and a nice picture of his antenna farm on his QRZ page.

Congrats to all that were heard in Cayman!