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WH2XND –> VK2XGJ – The path has opened!

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Some exciting news this morning as WH2XND is reported by VK2XGJ on WSPR2.  The 12635 km path represents the first known of 2015.  Ron, NI7J / WH2XND, was running 10-watts ERP from a 100-foot top loaded tower with over 200 radials.  At this time it is not clear as to what receive antenna was used by John, VK2XGJ.



This path should continue to improve for a while as we approach a period of maximum common darkness.  Maximum darkness on the receiving end is crucial while enough darkness is necessary for a transmitted signal to couple to the ionosphere and begin the long trip.  Its a bit of a chess match but its exciting to see the path open this early.  Its possible that similar paths have been open before now and no receiving stations were listening at the time to confirm the opening.  With any luck, going forward we will perhaps see a few more stations in Oceania using directional receive antennas and listening back to North America.

Congrats to Ron and John Simon for this outstanding achievement.