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Two September 630-meter presentation opportunities in the North Texas area

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I will be delivering a new survey presentation entitled “A Survey of 630 Meters and its Practical Applications” twice in September 2015:

Thursday, September 17:  Ellis County ARC, Waxahachie, TX.  Please see  http://www.wd5ddh.org/ for directions and information.

Monday, September 28:  Garland ARC, Garland, TX.  Please see http://www.k5qhd.org/index.shtml for directions and information.

This presentation will be a little different from the previous 2013 survey in that a basic overview will be the focus followed by an opportunity for the audience determine the direction of the remainder of the talk based on their groups needs, interests and potential applications.

Most of what I deliver will be verbal but there will be some visuals in the form of slides and a few items for hands-on discovery.  I may try to make an audio recording if the infrastructure is in place to accomplish this without too much trouble.

I will have two MF Solution transmit downconverter kits in addition to NJDTechnologies 630-meter Class D/E amplifiers and a few E-probe active receive antennas.  Fliers will also be available for these products for future consideration.

Please come out and say hi!