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The best propagation night of 2015 (so far!)

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Ok sports fans, pack a lunch and plan on staying for the day because this is going to be a long one.

First, at one point last night there were 79 WSPR stations on 630-meters.  There were less than half of that on 160,80,40, and 30-meters and only a few more on 20-meters than on 630-meters during that observation period.  That level of activity is amazing and what we have been waiting for.

I think it was Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, that said the map looked like 20-meters in the summer.  I tend to agree.


24-hour WSPR map. Note the level of trans-Atlantic activity through this session.

Jim, W5EST, generated a break down of each station, including the number of reports for each and the peak S/N as a summary.

W5EST 100515Jim also includes an hour-by-hour breakdown and some additional comments about the session:

W5EST hourly 100515

“Timewise, the spots have these areas of behavior:

2245z: Sunset in Nova Scotia

2300-0130: DK7FC & then DJ0ABR reach VE1VDM & VE1HF & then W1TAG/1 overall rate 5/hr as evening sets in.

0130-0200: France, UK each make one cameo appearance at VE1HF.

0130-0230: VE1s peak with 19 spots/hr then dip to 4 spots/hr 0230-0330.

0130-0300: German stations reach New England at steady moderate 30/hr rate of decodes.
0300-0400: German stations reach New England and Pennsylvania in high volume: 62 decodes including some in VE1.
0400-0430: XJM and W1TAG/1 capture 7 spots of remaining TA from DK7FC and DH5RAE. No spots in VE1.
0539z: Sunrise in central Germany.
The information suggests an overall westward migration of the increase in decodes as they began in various regions. This makes sense because of westward motion of the terminator followed by decline in D-region absorption. However, a westward migration of the decline in decodes also apparently occurred as they came to an end in various regions.  This is harder to explain because TA ended more than an hour before the sunrise in Germany, and I won’t detain us with speculation just now.”


A significant number of screen shots follow from trans-Atlantic reporting stations.  These are grouped by the reporting station and show each of the DX stations that they heard.  There is really no simple way to present this information because there is so much of it.

Mike, WA3TTS, reported DK7FC and DH5RAE

DK7FC WA3TTS 100515

DK7FC, as reported by WA3TTS

DH5RAE WA3TTS 100515

DH5RAE, as reported by WA3TTS


Eric, NO3M / WG2XJM, reported four German stations: DH5RAE, DJ0ABR, DK7FC, and DF6NM

DH5RAE WG2XJM 100515

DH5RAE, as reported by WG2XJM


DJ0ABR WG2XJM 100515

DJ0ABR, as reported by WG2XJM


DK7FC WG2XJM 100515

DK7FC, as reported by WG2XJM


DF6NM WG2XJM 100515

DF6NM, as reported by WG2XJM


John, W1TAG/1, also reported four Germans: DF6NM, DH5RAE, DJ0ABR, and DK7FC

DF6NM W1TAG1 100515

DF6NM, as reported by W1TAG/1


DH5RAE W1TAG1 100515

DH5RAE, as reported by W1TAG/1


DJ0ABR W1TAG1 100515

DJ0ABR, as reported by W1TAG/1


DK7FC W1TAG1 100515

DK7FC, as reported by W1TAG/1


Dave, WD2XSH/17, reported Stefan, DK7FC:

DK7FC WD2XSH17 100515

DK7FC, as reported by WD2XSH/17


Vernon, VE1VDM, reported three Germans:

DH5RAE VE1VDM 100515

DH5RAE, as reported by VE1VDM


DJ0ABR VE1VDM 100515

DJ0ABR, as reported by VE1VDM


Dk7FC VE1VDM 100515

DK7FC, as reported by VE1VDM


Daryl, VE1HF, reported three Germans, a Frenchman, and a Brit:

DH5RAE VE1HF 100515

DH5RAE, as reported by VE1HF


DJ0ABR VE1HF 100515

DJ0ABR, as reported by VE1HF


DK7FC VE1HF 100515

DK7FC, as reported by VE1HF


F1AFJ VE1HF 100515

F1AFJ, as reported by VE1HF


G3XIZ VE1HF 100515

G3XIZ, as reported by VE1HF

Jolly good Daryl!


John, WA3ETD / WG2XKA, had the distinction of not only hearing three Germans but also being heard by one of those German stations:


DK7FC WG2XKA 100515

DK7FC, as reported by WG2XKA


DJ0ABR WG2XKA 100515

DJ0ABR, as reported by WG2XKA


DH5RAE WG2XKA 100515

DH5RAE, as reported by WG2XKA

And DH5RAE’s report of WG2XKA:

WG2XKA DH5RAE 100515

Jay, W1VD, reported Stefan, DK7FC:

DK7FC W1VD 100515

DK7FC, as reported by W1VD


WE2XGR reported three Germans:

DJ0ABR WE2XGR 100515

DJ0ABR, as reported by WE2XGR


DK7FC WE2XGR 100515

DK7FC, as reported by WE2XGR


DH5RAE WE2XGR 100515

DH5RAE, as reported by WE2XGR


Congrats to all of these stations for a very successful session.  Lets hope that there is much, much more of this type of activity.

In other news, Eden, ZF1EJ, reported the usual suspects, including WG2XKA:

ZF1EJ 24 hour 100515

ZF1EJ 24-hour map


In the Pacific, Merv, WH2XCR, saw the usual suspects including a single report for VK3ELV.  It will be interesting to see if the fewer number of spots is the result of recent geomagnetic activity or whether this path will become less prominent as we move closer to winter in the northern hemisphere.

WH2XCR 24 hour 100515

WH2XCR 24-hour map


VK3ELV WH2XCR 100515

VK3ELV, as reported by WH2XCR

Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, was absent last night due to testing of his 137 kHz system.  He indicates that he hope to have both 2200-meters and 630-meters running in parallel during tonight’s session.

I had the pleasure of briefly working Eric, NO3M / WG2XJM, last night following my evening CW sked with Steve, KF5RYI / WG2XIQ/1.  Conditions were strong but QSB was varying wildly down here.  Eric indicated that he did not notice the variations as much but his signal was very near or in the noise floor, only to make a very large jump to a true 579 as we were signing.  That’s the way it always happens.  We considered a try later in the evening but Eric suspended transmissions in order to watch for Europeans as they approached sunrise.