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TF3HZ reports west coast and south central US WSPR stations; Path to KH6 improving

– Posted in: 630 Meter Daily Reports, 630 Meters

Conditions last night were very good.  Noise was generally very low and signal reports were strong.  Participation continues to increase.

093015 24 hour

24 hour plot of WSPR stations on 630-meters.  Note that late VK3ELV spots received by WH2XCR are not included.  Data is detailed later in this report.

Remarkably, WH2XGP in Washington state and WG2XXM in Oklahoma were reported by TF3HZ in Iceland.

TF3HZ 093015

Reports of TF3HZ

This is a remarkably difficult path for WH2XGP as it passes through the auroral oval.  For both stations, the path is across land, which adds to the complexity.

WH2XGP TF3HZ 093015

WH2XGP, as reported by TF3HZ

WG2XXM TF3HZ 093015

WG2XXM, as reported by TF3HZ

Additionally, both stations were reported in six DXCC entities – K, VE, KH6, ZF1, KL7, and TF during the session.  A remarkable achievement!

This path to TF did not extend as far south as the Dallas area which is both interesting and curious since  WG2XXM is only 200-miles north of my station.  This path is likely supported by spotlight propagation where stations that are physically close together have very different experiences.  As WG2XIQ was only running 30% transmit cycle, its possible that the opening was simply missed between cycles.

Also of note is that WG2XJM was not reported by ZF1EJ, a relatively easy path but he was reported by WH2XCR in KH6.  The distance between WG2XJM and WH2XCR is almost the same distance between KH6 and VK.

ZF1EJ 093015

Reports of ZF1EJ


WH2XCR 093015

Reports of WH2XCR

Propagation to WH2XCR was very strong this morning from my station, with persistent CW-level signals as well as reports that continued until 25 minutes after local sunrise in EM12MP.  This morning’s reports represent season highs as well as all-time highs to KH6 from WG2XIQ.

The path from VK3ELV to KH6 opened up after this report was filed and is not shown on the above map but the appended data points are as follows:

VK3elv XCR 093015

VK3ELV, as reported by WH2XCR

The only trans Atlantic report was of DK7FC at WD2XSH/17.  This path has been persistent over the previous few sessions.

DK7FC XSH17 093015

DK7FC, as reported by WD2XSH/17

Finally, a curious call sign has returned to the WSPR map.  WH2WYW does not have operating privileges on 630-meters and is not listed in the FCC database.  Sometimes “bogus” call signs are reported in WSPR and result from noise and mixing of signals that confuse the WSPR decoder, resulting in false reports.  Often times the reports can be identified as phantoms due to reporting parameters, path or simply the call sign itself.  What is surprising about this call sign is that it has been reported by multiple stations at different times over the past few months.  Its certainly possible that because Part-5 WSPR stations tend to operate on the same frequencies from one night to the next, similar signal and noise conditions could result in repeated phantom reports.   The other option is that there is a pirate that is “bootlegging” a fabricated call sign.  There needs to be more research and monitoring to determine for sure.