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Short pedestrian mobile outing on the Joe Pool Lake Dam, July 18, 2015

– Posted in: QRP

20-meters was alive and well today while hiking on the Joe Pool Lake Dam in Cedar Hill, Texas, near Dallas.  Starting around 7:15 AM, 20-meters was already rolling very well.  I set up shop on 14.058 MHz CW and called CQ, getting a return in very short order from Greg, K9FL, who had a very strong and stable signal from a flag pole antenna.  Greg was followed up with QSO’s with Alan, AC8AP, Troy, W4RPS, and Mike, K8XF.  Band conditions were very solid and the QSO with Alan was QRP-to-QRP.

I was with Steve, KF5RYI, and I took the lead position this morning while he lagged a few hundred yards behind me, working 17-meters.  No one asked me what I was doing but Steve had a few inquiries.  I feel confident that at least a few cyclist and runners thought we were part of Jade Helm ’15 but were afraid to inquire.

Reverse Beacon had some nice reports of my 5W/fishing pole vertical, including VK4CT reporting me about one and a half S-units above the noise.


We folded up shop around 9:00AM in order for each of us to get to our homes and get weekend chores started.