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Part-5 guys: Will you keep your Part-5 grant after the Part-97 implementation?

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I’m trying to work through this question myself…On one hand, maintaining the Part-5 grant could potentially give me some flexibility for doing experiments that I might not have under Part-97 rules, including portability and increased ERP (currently granted 10W ERP max).  For me, the XIQ call sign is also nostalgic.

I suppose the complication for me is that I am an operator first of all and enjoy making 2-way QSO’s and chasing awards. As XIQ I have had some amazing QSO’s with guys on CW and digital modes but Part-2 and 5 rules do not permit me to make 2-way communications with other services, specifically Part-97 and the ARRL awards program requires stations to be operating under Part-97 rules so chasing ARRL awards under the XIQ call sign would not be possible.  The FCC seems poised to allow us to coexist among the Part-97 stations, but separately.

So what I have to decide is whether I need any of the features of the Part-5 grant.  I’m curious what other guys are thinking.  Please drop me a line…

UPDATE 09/04/15:  Seems to be an unequivocal yes from the peanut gallery, so I guess I am keeping XIQ “just in case”…