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QRT but I'll be back tonight, WX permitting

SCHEDULED ACTIVITY: CQ 474.5 kHz CW by 1000z through sunrise most days, WX permitting

More Trans-Pacific for WH2XGP

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Due to local distractions and work load, I’ve not reported a recent flurry of activity between WH2XGP in the Pacific Northwest and eastern Australia.  What’s curious about this activity is that it coincided with major geomagnetic storms where the K-index was at 6+ for persistent reporting periods.  This once again suggests RF being pushed away for regions of high electron density.  While WH2XND has been spending time on 137 kHz and doing very well with WSPR reports in JA, there are other western 630-meter stations that should have similar if not better opportunities to be reported in VK.  Furthermore, Larry was reported by specific stations while others in the same area heard nothing.  Was this a function of the local noise and interference or did the spotlight shine down on some stations and not others?  You be the judge.  The screen shots below represent data primarily from September 13, 2015 that was provided by David, VK2DDI but some additional S/N data has been appended for other VK stations over the previous two week period.  Thanks to Jim, W5EST, for pointing out that the data is available for two weeks before rolling off of the WSPR database!

No further VK reports have been seen from the central US but that’s not abnormal as the window is very narrow and should be closed by now.  Some ZL activity should still be possible to the central US but that window is also now drawing to a close.  A lack of activity from ZL has resulted in no opportunity to test the bounds of that window in 2015.

WH2XGP map after 3 spots - 13_Sept_2015

VK2DDI plot showing WH2XGP being received during the September 13, 2015 WSPR session.



WH2XGP is seen as a smudge near 475.690 kHz on the right side of the waterfall.


WH2XGP 13_Sept_2015

WH2XGP was heard repeatedly through the September 13, 2015 session at VK2DDI



WH2XGP as reported by VK5ABN



WH2XGP as reported by VK3ELV



WH2XGP as reported by VK7TW



WH2XGP as reported by VK3TCT



WH2XGP as reported by VK2XGJ



WH2XGP as reported by VK2DDI