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MF and LF “quick start” links

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Jim, W5EST, recently condensed a list of some of the most valuable links on the Internet on the topic of getting started on MF and LF into an entry in a daily report on this site and I am reproducing part of that content as its own “quick start” post at the request of a number of stations because of its value.  These links, in addition to those found on the LINKS page (some are reproduced  in this post), should comprise most of the information necessary for a station to get on the air and help them get on their way to finding MF and LF operating success.  Thanks to Jim for his continued effort to further the MF and LF art.

VE7SL site:  Getting started on 630m. http://www.qsl.net/ve7sl/gettingstarted.html . Parts 1, 2, 3 resources:  http://ve7sl.blogspot.ca/2014/11/630m-resources-part-1.html

WG2XKA WordPress: Antennas, matching, equipment & blog.  Pics galore! https://wg2xka.wordpress.com/the-variometer/

NO3M site:  Click tabs to tour shack and antenna farm of advanced station.   http://no3m.net/

KB5NJD site:  Panoramic topics by many LF/MF operators.  http://njdtechnologies.net/

Hamcom 2016:  Slides and audio  http://njdtechnologies.net/hamcom-2016-mf-and-lf-presentations/ . Click to run visual and audio links concurrently for any of: NO3M, WA3ETD, WD8DAS, KB5NJD, W5EST.

Your 630m Blog Book: Distillation of 2016 blog posts, interviews, & operator contributions to the KB5NJD daily blog.  22 chapters on receiving, transmitting, propagation, etc. Grab stuff, do a ham club presentation!  http://njdtechnologies.net/your-630m-blog-book-a-compilation-of-the-work-and-analysis-of-jim-hollander-w5est/

Antennas by N6LF: All you ever wanted to know about MF/LF antennas!  http://www.antennasbyn6lf.com/

600MRG:  Access this listserv at: http://w7ekb.com/mailman/listinfo/600mrg_w7ekb.com  .

Click on “600MRG Archives” and then access month-by-month the posts any way you like: by thread, author, subject, or date.

RSGB:  Equipment and antennas:  http://www.472khz.org/pages/and-more/useful-links.php

Worldwide news:  http://www.472khz.org/pages/news.php .  Chat group:  https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/rsgb_lf_group/info   Browse for much more!

DARC:  Intro to 630m in Germany by DH5RAE.  http://www.darc.de/der-club/distrikte/u/ortsverbaende/02/630m-mittelwelle/

KL7L: Testing a RX loop for VLF/LF/MF:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7A5tx_sekU .

TX Loop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Zd527h_-Kk  Search for more videos!

Teacup.com/472khz:  Japan LF/MF.  http://6212.teacup.com/472khz/bbs#

7L1RLL:  Technical articles worth 2nd & 3rd look!  LF/MF in Japan: http://www1.u-netsurf.ne.jp/~7l1rll/radio_LF_MF.html