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QRT but I'll be back tonight, WX permitting

SCHEDULED ACTIVITY: CQ 474.5 kHz CW by 1000z through sunrise most days, WX permitting

Lower activity due to weather/Thanksgiving holiday in US, GMF activity increases, WH2XCR –> JA1NQI-2, VK2XGJ, G8HUH –> VE1HF

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Its good to see activity on such a busy holiday weekend in the US.  The geomagnetic field showed a little more activity, peaking at K=3.  John, WA3ETD / WG2XKA, indicated a high noise level at his station in Vermont but this was apparently the result of an approaching frontal system.  John also indicated that the path to the Pacific Northwest opened late, with reports from Rudy, N6LF / WD2XSH/20.

planetary-k-index 112715

The Kyoto DST showed a slight dip through the session but recovered by sunrise in the central US.

DST 112715

Kyoto DST for November 2015


There were no reports of daytime activity via email or posted in the ON4KST chat/logger for this session that I could find.

WSPR activity was light but productive for some.  There were no reporting stations in South America, Atlantic ocean, or the trans-African path.  The continental / regional breakdown follows:

NA 112715

North American 24-hour WSPR activity


EU 112715

European 24-hour WSPR activity


JA 112715

Japanese 24-hour WSPR activity


VK 112715

Australian 24-hour WSPR activity


In the Caribbean, Eden, ZF1EJ, and Roger, ZF1RC, showed very similar reception reports for the 24-hour period.  It appears that the new loop was a very good investment for Roger.

ZF1RC 112715

ZF1RC 24-hour WSPR activity


ZF1EJ 112715

ZF1EJ 24-hour WSPR activity


Trans-Atlantic reports were limited to a single report for G8HUH by VE1HF.

G8HUH VE1HF 112715

G8HUH, as reported by VE1HF

In Alaska, Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, ran two different receive configuration, the first as WE2XPQ/1, which used the active 10-foot loop oriented east/west.  WE2XPQ operated in transceive and was using the probe antenna.  WE2XPQ was heard in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii while WE2XPQ/1 had only reported WH2XGP as of 1600z.

WE2XPQ 112715

WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity (Note: WE2XPQ/1 tag is covering WE2XPQ)


In the Pacific, Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, had a good night, with reports to and from Australia and reports from JA1NQI-2.  I am personally not reading too much into the fact that Merv only had North American reports in the west.  I suspect many of us were QRT last night either for weather or family activities or both.

WH2XCR 112715

WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity


WH2XCR VK2XGJ 112715

WH2XCR, as reported by VK2XGJ


WH2XCR JA1NQI2 112715

WH2XCR, as reported by JA1NQI-2


VK3ELV WH2XCR 112715

VK3ELV, as reported by WH2XCR


John Simon, VK2XGJ sent the following screen shot showing his receptions of Merv from his console:

WH2XCR VK2XGJ 112715

WH2XCR, as seen on VK2XGJ’s WSPR console



Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, operated his station at 200 mW through the session as WG2XSV/L and had really great success, being heard along the west coast and on KH6.

WG2XSV_L 200mW 112915

No additional QSO’s were reported through the session.  I suspect that as the weekend continues activity will increase again.

I hope to be transmitting tonight.  It seems we have a lot of rain in our future but should be done with lightning.

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