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OFF AIR but QRV after dark tonigth

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Lets go the other direction tonight: WG2XIQ -> DF2JP

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Storms plagued Kansas and Oklahoma overnight creating a real listening and reporting nightmare for North American stations.  Receive sites that normally report single digit S/N, both + and -, were reporting in the -20’s plus.  To make matters worse, ops in VK/ZL were reporting storms so the night was looking like a washout.

A data review this morning indicated one bright spot:

 2014-09-02 04:02  WG2XIQ  0.475627  -23  0  EM12mp  5  DF2JP  JO31hh  8083  40

WG2XIQ 090214

The above map suggests signals strongest to the NE so the great circle path to DL is presumed.

So the night was not a total waste.  This spot represents the earliest trans-Atlantic spot I have had.  It begs the questions, “what is next?” and “how far east will I make it?”  Like everything else in this discipline, it is rapidly evolving.  Stay tuned.

Addendum 09/02/14 1610z:

I received a nice note from Joe, DF2JP, along with a screen shot of his property posted below.  With that antenna and the ability to hear me, I look forward to many more reports and maybe a 2-way QSO along the way.

Hi John,

oups I didn´t notice this spot.

I think this is my first WSPR transatlantc spot ever.

I have moved to a new qth abt. 2 month ago. Yesterday I have placed my Wellbrook-RX-Loop 100m away from any electical installation, this is  the reason why ;o)

The new TX antenna is in work, have allready fixed the ground system and will place the antenna (Inv.-L 100ft vertical with 600ft topload) end of September. I hope I will get a similar spot from TX…hi.hi


Hope to see you again in the next nights.


73 Joe”

Thanks Joe for your nice reply and for allowing me to post that reply here.