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HAMCOM 2016 MF presentations (with applicable LF content)!

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Looking for the MF and LF presentation content from Hamcom 2016?  Click here.


Hamcom 2016 is almost here and will include several MF presentations opportunities (with applicable LF content).

On Friday, June 10:

In Room 1 at 11AM CDT, I will be presenting updated survey content about 630-meters.  This presentation is really intended to be a “50-cent” tour of the band and its typical activities.

On Saturday, June 11:

My survey presentation will be delivered again at 9AM in Room 1 to kick off the day of presentations and introduce would-be operators and interested parties to this amazing band.

At 10AM CDT, Eric Tichansky, NO3M / WG2XJM, will deliver a presentation on receive antenna systems at MF and LF.  Eric owns and operates what is believed to be the largest 630-meter receive installation in the world.  If a signal can be detected, Eric will likely be the first to hear it.  Eric is an accomplished CW operator and low band contester and hails from rural western Pennsylvania. Eric’s website is NO3M.net.

At 11AM CDT, John Molnar, WA3ETD / WG2XKA, will deliver a presentation entitled, “Generating a signal on 630-meter and making it radiate”.  John co-developed the MF Solutions 630-meter transmit downconverter which is widely used in the MF community to generate a signal on 630-meters.  John has elmered many would-be 630-meter operators with his detailed style in the process of generating a signal, amplifying the signal and radiating a signal from small loaded vertical antenna.  Visit John’s website at https://wg2xka.wordpress.com/ .

At 12PM CDT, Jim Hollander, W5EST, will present a discussion of 630-meter propagation, citing specific examples from the past few seasons of station activity.  Jim will propose a number of models to describe his interpretation of just what may be happening in the ionosphere when 630-meter signals are present.  Jim is a regular contributor to this blog’s daily reports as well as content on http://630m.net/dev/

At 1PM CDT, Steve Johnston, WD8DAS / WH2XHY, will deliver a discussion entitled “The 630-meter band – Practical for amateur use?” where he describes his success on the band using simple antenna systems and low power commonly available to the average amateur operator.  Steve recently published an article in QST, sharing his story.  Visit Steve’s website at http://www.wd8das.net/.

All programs will be presented in Room 1 on the third floor of the Irving Convention Center.  Each presentation will be recorded and eventually posted on this blog along with applicable visual aides.  Schedules are subject to change so if you are planning on attending live, be sure to check the Hamcom schedule at the convention center during the weekend for any updates.