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Guy ropes and rusty tie-off hardware don’t mix! – an important tip from WA3TTS

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Many of us use tall verticals for MF and LF guyed with Dacron rope because of its survivability in the elements and to UV exposure. Mike, WA3TTS, recently inspected one of his antenna masts before Winter weather sets in and made a startling discovery that we should all consider when guying any antenna system.  (Shared with permission)

“When replacing all my 10 year-old Dacron guy lines for my antennas, I discovered that I originally overlooked one key installation issue.  I had an available eye screw in my roof for some chimney-mounted antennas and used it to also tie off one Dacron guy line for my 20ft tall VHF beacon antenna mast.  However, that eye screw was plated steel and it rusted over the years. Enough so that when I went to remove the original 3/32 Dacron line, I found the surface rust acted like sandpaper and wore through the outer braid of the Dacron line.

courtesy WA3TTS


Obviously I could not leave the new 3/16 Dacron line on that rusted eye screw, so I used a stainless quick link as a transition.  The rusted eye screw was either 5/16 or 3/8 diameter, so I needed a 5/16 stainless quick link with a 3/8″ gap clearance to fit.

courtesy WA3TTS


So I will sleep better at night knowing this problem will not resurface. Picture below shows only a single taunt-line hitch knot for clarity, but the final installation has two passes through the quick link similar to how the first picture has the Dacron line secured.


courtesy WA3TTS


So always use stainless hardware for Dacron guys and make sure the working load rating has an appropriate safety factor for the task.”