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QRT but I'll be back tonight, WX permitting

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DK7FC holds court with NE North America; Every ham on Nova Scotia seems to be on MF; VK–> KH6 continues even with active GMF

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It was a very busy night in spite of the geomagnetic storm currently in progress.  Conditions were OK but large amounts of auroral activity persist and it does not appear to be letting up any time soon (sorry Laurence, Oklahoma awaits!).  I received two email alerts from the Space Weather Prediction Center indicating that the K-index was in excess of 6 and Solarham reports an extended warning.  Locally the noise level was elevated due to storms that have persisted in the south west for what seems like over a week now.

I did not check the activity levels but the map seems to indicate quite a bit of participation:

24 hour 100715

24-hour map. Seems awfully busy for a geomagnetic storm in progress

Stefan, DK7FC, had a very busy night, being reported by five stations in North America, which seems to have included nearly every ham on Nova Scotia (Thanks John, WG2XKA for pointing that out!).

VE1HF reported three stations:

DK7FC VE1HF 100715

DK7FC, as reported by VE1HF


F1AFJ VE1HF 100715

F1AFJ, as reported by VE1HF


VE1HF F6DEX 100715

F6DEX, as reported by VE1HF

VE1YY had reports for Stefan:

DK7FC VE1YY 100715

DK7FC, as reported by VE1YY


VE1VDM also reported Stefan:

DK7FC VE1VDM 100715

DK7FC, as reported by VE1VDM


So did Dave, WD2XSH/17:

DK7FC WD2XSH17 100715

DK7FC, as reported by WD2XSH/17


And so did John, W1TAG/1:


DK7FC W1TAG1 100715

DK7FC, as reported by W1TAG/1


I am pretty sure the only person that didn’t copy Stefan was Merv, WH2XCR, who was busy reporting VK3ELV (Yes, that is comical hyperbole):

VK3ELV WH2XCR 100715

VK3ELV, as reported by WH2XCR

Its interesting because the previous few sessions have yielded only single reports of VK3ELV in KH6 so perhaps the geomagnetic storm is pushing signals away from the regions of electron density, which would be north from VK.  Or perhaps Merv just has less noise than the previous sessions.

Merv also heard many of the usual suspects on the mainland US.  Eden, ZF1EJ, also had some success at hearing many of the usual  630-meter crowd.

Merv reports on the ON4KST chat/logger that he is making power into a dummy load and is doing the check-out at the transmit antenna.

Everyone else “did their thing” and conditions seemed to be descent for almost everyone to somewhere using some mode.