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Conditions continue to improve as we move into Fall plus a few surprises

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Conditions continue to improve as we continue to see improving numbers on the Pacific path in addition to a return of the Atlantic path from Europe overnight.

I am behind on my documentation so below is a screen shot provided by Ken, K5DNL / WG2XXM, showing Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, reported by Merv, WH2XCR, and VK2XGJ on 9/23/15.    This is not terribly surprising since Larry is further west but the path is beginning to get a little “long in the tooth” as they say.  The path to WH2XCR is not all that remarkable, as its a nightly occurrence for many of us but as Jim, W5EST, has shown, a signal really needs to be reported in KH6 to continue the trip to Oceania and it needs to be at respectable signal levels, which Larry is often able to produce at Merv’s station.


WH2XGP as reported by WH2XCR and VK2XGJ (courtesy K5DNL)

Last night showed that the path  from VK3 to KH6 was open, with Merv making reports of VK3ELV.


VK3ELV as reported by WH2XCR (courtesy K5DNL)



VK3ELV  S/N as reported by WH2XCR

Ken, K5DNL / WG2XXM, was reported by VK2DDI and VK2XGJ this morning.  This path should be a little more rare at this point in the season but very quiet conditions in VK have permitted the decode.


WG2XXM S/N as reported by VK2DDI



WG2XXM S/N as reported by VK2XGJ

David, VK2DDI, sent the following screen shot of signals from the Berry Mountain Grabber showing a very faint smudge of the XXM signal at 10:14z neat 475.710 kHz.


WG2XXM smudge at 475.710 kHz at 1014z (courtesy VK2DDI)

On the Atlantic path, Dave, WD2XSH/17, reported Stefan, DK7FC, which shows a return of the European path to North American.


DK7FC S/N as reported by WD2XSH/17

We have seen this path open from North America to Europe a few times this summer with reports of Eric, NO3M / WG2XJM, on a few occasions but the path has been quite rare in 2015.  Its unclear whether this is solely propagation related or if fewer stations that have the ability to hear the path have been inactive.

Finally, Ken, SWLK9EN91, from Indiana sent me a screen shot of my CW signal as I was working Steve, KF5RYI, who was operating as WG2XIQ/1 for our nightly sked.  The band was horribly noisy during the evening hours due to storms in West Texas, New Mexico, and Northwest Oklahoma.  Andy, KU4XR, who normally hears me very well, was inundated with storm noise and was unable to hear our QSO well enough to make a recording as he had planned on doing.


WG2XIQ/2 signal working WG2XIQ/1 on a noisy band as seen by Ken, SWLK9EN91, in Indiana