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Current Operating Frequency and Mode

OFF AIR for storms - just one more night - should be QRV Saturday night!


Monitor Sensors 630 meter and 2200 meter Linear Transverters

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Monitor Sensors 630 meter and 2200 meter Linear Transverters post image

Visit the Monitor Sensors website for details and specifications for their 630 meter and 2200 meter linear transverters! http://monitorsensors.com/ham-radio   View the manual for the 630-meter model here that was recently edited by Mel, K6KBE, to include a few practical recommendations.  These recommendations are also applicable for the 2200-meter model.  

MF and LF “quick start” links

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Jim, W5EST, recently condensed a list of some of the most valuable links on the Internet on the topic of getting started on MF and LF into an entry in a daily report on this site and I am reproducing part of that content as its own "quick start" post at the request of a [...]

Band is not open yet, but another box has been checked in the process – stand by for more news!

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FEDERAL REGISTER PUBLICATION OF FCC 17-33 which created the 630-meter allocation in addition to rules for both 630-meter and 2200-meters has occurred.  This does NOT mean that the band will open under part-97 rules in less than 30-days rather it represents another benchmark in the overall process.  We still await a “sign off” from OMB [...]

VI4SEA Special Event station QRV November 1 – 9!

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UPDATED: November 2, 2016: There is a great deal of interest in the VI4SEA 2200m operation. Thanks to all who had a listen. The first night of operation was hampered by very heavy QRN. Also the time was too early for stations in Victoria and Tasmania, where sunset was not complete. The operation is being [...]

Average propagation and band conditions but more QRN than the lightning map represents; Quiet geomagnetic conditions return; DK7FC -> WE2XGR/3; WH2XCR -> ZF1EJ; WG2XSV JT9 at VE6JY; Good trans-Pacific openings to Oceania and Asia

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    NOTES FOR THE PEANUT GALLERY: you have to have PDF.js loaded to view.  If you have a PDF viewer loaded on your machine, you should be just fine. This was a simple copy and paste of today's content - there is minimal formatting -  I used some carriage returns to space things out.  [...]


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PARDON OUR MESS! We are making some improvements to the website to help with the organization of the contents of the 630-meter category.  We will be splitting the content into logical groups to make searching for a post easier. All of the previous content is still currently available.  Simply click the main 630-meter button on [...]