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Typical Operating Schedule

Usually QRV CW most evenings, tuning between 472.5 kHz and 475 kHz with CQ's on or near 474.5 kHz. Occasionally QRV JT9, 474.2 kHz dial + 1000 - 1350 Hz. QRV some mornings starting around 1100z on CW. Sked requests are welcome. All activity is noise and WX permitting


An hour of QRP CW at Rotary Park in Duncanville, Texas

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Today was perfect weather and perfect band conditions to be in Rotary Park in Duncanville, Texas to operate a little outdoor CW.  Steve, KF5RYI, Justin, K5JTL, JD, K5HH, and I met around 1300z to set up our stations and I opted to be the antisocial one and picked a table about 100-yards away from everyone [...]

A Elecraft QRP morning in the park with KF5RYI and N5VDQ

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This morning represents my first QRP group outing in almost one year.  One year and one week ago Steve, KF5RYI, and I were on the Joe Pool lake dam operating HF pedestrian mobile and having to explain what "agency" we were working with to the Army corp of engineers who administer the dam complex.  The [...]

Another Pedestrian Mobile outing with KF5RYI

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On Saturday, June 20, 2015, I posted the following on the QRP-L reflector: "I was fortunate to have a nice pedestrian mobile outing this morning with Steve, KF5RYI, on the Joe Pool Lake dam just outside of Dallas. 20-meters was slow to open or we were early to start but first station worked was JH0NEC [...]

The paddle I use for pedestrian mobile operations

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I've recently been asked about the paddle I use when operating pedestrian mobile. Carrying the delicate and precision Bencher or Vibroplex paddles is not an option when hiking so this was the next best option... its comfortable and its home brew. The paddle mechanism is made from the contacts and flexible beryllium-copper strips removed from [...]

HF Pedestrian mobile at Cedar Hill State Park!

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This is my first post in the QRP section of this site and it will be brief so hopefully pictures really are worth a 1000 words (pics courtesy of Dr. Fred Harris, N5VDQ). Pedestrian mobile (/PM) is the act of hiking around while actively making QSO's from a self contained system.  That may be easy [...]