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Current Operating Frequency and Mode

OFF AIR but hope to be back by 1115z Saturday morning if I don't oversleep

2200 Meters

A 2200-meter low pass filter to help buffer the modified MF Solutions converter

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While performing some off-air tests with the modified MF Solutions converter it became apparent that any variations in a load impedance were going to result in potential variations in the on-board output filter network.  This would likely cause matching issues with the FET and you can probably imagine how it could all spiral downhill from [...]

Coil is finished, installed and resonated…

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Over the last few days I have tried to spend some of what has become limited free time getting the antenna modifications in place for 2200-meters. Shorter days and colder weather are rapidly approaching so no time like the present. For starters, winding the coil just about killed me.  #10 AWG solid wire is challenging [...]

My thoughts on 2200-meters

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I have some complicated opinions and thoughts about 2200-meters, many of which are formed from speaking with others who have either operated there or those who have spent time listening there and studying the band characteristics. First, here is a little background information that will hopefully help illustrate my point of view. My very earliest [...]