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OFF AIR but QRV after dark tonigth

SCHEDULED ACTIVITY: CQ 474.5 kHz CW by 1015z through sunrise most days, WX permitting

A night of very good propagation: NA –> VK, VK –> KH6

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Last night and this morning signalled a significant turning point for seasonal propagation on 630-meters.  Multiple persistent transmissions were received in VK from North American stations and even one VK was heard in KH6, which has been confirmed to be a first.  Details are below.


This picture represents WH2XND’s remarkable run. Ron was reported by three VK stations on a persistent basis this morning


WH2XND, as reported by VK2XGJ


WH2XND, as reported by VK3ELV


WH2XND, as reported by VK2DDI


WH2XGP’s reports into VK and points in between


WH2XGP, as reported by VK3ELV


WH2XGP, as reported by VK2XGJ


VK3ELV was heard by Merv, WH2XCR in KH6. According to David, VK2DDI, this is the first time a VK station has been reported in KH6


VK3ELV, as reported by WH2XCR in KH6

I suspect that these trends will continue for a few more weeks as long as band noise, weather and geomagnetic conditions cooperate.  My hope is that as common darkness increases, we will begin to see those reports move further east.  In fact, David, VK2DDI, reported a trace of my signal on his Berry Mountain Grabber this morning around 1110z around 475.610 kHz.  The signal is the very faint increase in noise in the screen grab below:

XIQ at DDI near sunrise_query

Faint WG2XIQ trace at 475.610 kHz at 1110z.

Lets hope that these conditions will hold out for the duration of August and several stations get a chance to be heard down under.