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A first: JA1PKG is heard by WH2XCR in KH6!

– Posted in: 630 Meter Daily Reports, 630 Meters

In spite of the major geomagnetic storm that is currently in progress, resulting in K-indices of 7, a  Japanese station has finally been reported on 630-meter WSPR in KH6.

JA1PKG was reported several times by WH2XCR during the over night session.  At this time its believed that this event is the first of its kind.  Details are listed below:

WH2XCR 100815

24 hour reports of WH2XCR


JA1PKG WH2XCR 100815

JA1PKG, as reported by WH2XCR

Similarly in March 2015, Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, was reported in JA.   That event was detailed here.

Merv also reported VK3ELV and VK5ABN:

VK3ELV WH2XCR 101815

VK3ELV, as reported by WH2XCR


VK5ABN WH2XCR 100815

VK5ABN, as reported by WH2XCR


Very well done and congrats to all that participated in last nights really nice conditions.

Also of note is WH2XGP being reported late by VK2DDI:

WH2XGP VK2DDI 100815

WH2XGP, as reported by VK2DDI

Participation appears to have been very high in spite of the active solar conditions and while some of the S/N numbers were slightly impacted, it seems reasonable to think that QSO’s could occur on some mode to some where during this session.  A 24 hour activity map is shown below:

24 hour 100815

24 hour WSPR activity on 630-meters