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OFF AIR for storms - just one more night - should be QRV Saturday night!

A few unlikely alternative receive antennas

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With thunderstorms and lightning dotting the weather map across North America, a few enterprising and devoted operators were making reports last night for the 630-meter stalwarts (Note:  I was one of the stations cowering in the face of storms and lightning so I disconnected and got a good nights sleep!)

Noise Warrior Andy, KU4XR, reported using a small loop stick in the shack and achieved 125 spots overnight.  Not bad at all.  Here is a query from the WSPR database showing unique call signs from the overnight session:


Ferrite Bar Antenna Setup

KU4XR’s rat nest of receive antenna!


From Indiana, Ken, SWLK9EN61, had a similar idea and reported a whopping 368 spots over night and the unique sampling is below:



SWLK9EN61’s loop stick safely inside the house away from stormy weather!

The design on both of these is simple:  a variable cap in parallel with an inductor tuned to resonance.

If you ever think you can’t, think again.  You just have to decide to make it happen and innovate.  Congrats to these guys for keeping the reports flowing!