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A Banner Night for Laurence, WE2XPQ, in KL7 on 630-meter WSPR

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Medium wave operating from Alaska takes patience.  Just ask Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ.  Persistent solar wind and particle radiation storms have resulted in generally poor conditions under and near the auroral oval and many of those poor conditions have significantly impacted those of us at lower latitudes as well.  Until last night…


Not only was I very fortunate to hear Laurence’s WSPR signal from KL7 here on a night that was not particularly quiet due to storms to the east, but it seems that Laurence was also heard by Yas, JA8SCD, in Tokyo.  This event really is a monumental achievement as JA presents a number of very difficult to resolve noise problems.  Laurence indicates that at the time of the JA report, the K had fallen to 0.  Shortly thereafter the K was back up to 4.  Laurence indicates that the temps were -25C helping ground losses and those losses typically associated with greenery in the near field of the antenna.

Also of note, it appears that Eric, NO3M / WG2XJM, reached Laurence for the very first time as well .  This is a noteworthy achievement since the path from Western Pennsylvania to Alaska is through the auroral oval.

I was very pleased to report Laurence once during this time frame as well and to be reported in KL7 a handful of times.  This season has been very bizarre because I can count the number of nights on a single hand that my signal has reached KL7. Last summer, when it did not get dark for many, many nights in KL7, my signal was reaching WE2XPQ on a nightly basis.  This makes no sense.  One of the fantastic mysteries of this amazing and fickle band…