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630-meters at Ham-Com 2015: Perspectives on the 630-Meter Medium Wave Band – A Discussion Panel

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Bring your questions and come join John Langridge, WG2XIQ / KB5NJD, Eric Tichansky, WG2XJM / NO3M, and John Molnar, WG2XKA / WA3ETD, at Ham-Com 2015 at 10 AM on Saturday, June 13 in Room 1 (upstairs) at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.

Since 2013, John Langridge, WG2XIQ / KB5NJD, has brought his 630-meter operating experience to the Ham-Com lecture circuit for anyone that is interested in listening.  This year we will do something a little different and hear about the operations of two other active, experienced 630-meter operators and answer questions from the attendees.  This year is especially important given that the FCC has announced the NPRM for both 630-meter and 2200-meter amateur radio bands.  There will also be a give-away at the end of the forum for those who sit through the entire 50-minutes.

Check  http://www.hamcom.org/download/Ham-Com-2015.pdf for the event brochure and http://www.hamcom.org/ for directions and ticket purchases.

I will also have two MF Solutions Transmit Downconverter kits for sale that are used to generate a non-linear signal on 630-meters (modes like CW, OOK, FSK, and MSK).  Many stations on the air at this time are using these boards.  Cost is $70 each and cash is preferred.  Details on this product at http://njdtechnologies.net/the-mf-solutions-630-meter-transmit-downconverter/

An audio recording will be made and posted on this site after Ham-Com is over.  Check back often for updates.