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Usually QRV CW most evenings, tuning between 472.5 kHz and 475 kHz with CQ's on or near 474.5 kHz. Occasionally QRV JT9, 474.2 kHz dial + 1000 - 1350 Hz. QRV some mornings starting around 1100z on CW. Sked requests are welcome. All activity is noise and WX permitting

Pretty good domestic propagation reported in the late evening while trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific paths struggle – noise was a likely culprit at DX locations; W3LPL has added 630-meters to his CW skimmer system

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The details for December 27, 2016 can be viewed here.

The UTC amateur registration database is here.

HERE are a few mode-specific comments addressing where modes are located now and probably where they are best placed in the future

Operator lists detailing stations that are two-way QSO-capable can be viewed here.

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North America was mostly lightning-free but parts of New England reported elevated man-made noise.  Europe experienced active storms particularly in the West and Mediterranean region.  Oceania is currently experiencing strong storms, in particular, the northern and eastern areas.

11-hour worldwide lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions reached unsettled levels followed by persistent elevated-quiet levels during this session.  The Bz is pointing to the South this morning and solar wind velocities are averaging near 445 km/s.  DST values remain very near the centerline with  little variability.




Propagation was reported to be pretty good but activity did not begin to increase until later in the evening.  Trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific openings were down but domestic openings appeared to dominate the session.

Reverse beacon network reports follow:


Frank, W3LPL, reported the addition of the W3LPL CW skimmer node for 630-meters.  He is currently using a 580-foot elevated Beverage but will be installing a 1000-foot W1VD bi-directional Beverage-on-ground  (BOG) shortly.  Last night he provided reports for K2LRE and K4EJQ.  He indicates that the skimmer is active from sunset to sunrise.

Jim, W5EST, submitted the following screen capture of his WSJTx console showing JT9 activity observed at his station in Little Rock, Arkansas:

courtesy W5EST


courtesy W5EST


The following stations provided reports of their two-way QSO’s and/or any additional activity that might have occurred during this session (this is not necessarily a complete list – only what was reported!):

Rob, NC0B, reported a very strong session, completing a number of QSO’s.  He submitted the following statistics and comments:

Amazingly strong signals from the east tonight.  NO3M was consistently decoding between -4 and +1.  We had a QSO in the same signal strength range.  After that I worked AH6EZ who was calling CQ and was stronger than the previous time at  -21.  WA9CGZ was also +1 calling AH6EZ…

Ken, K5DNL, reported 20-degrees Fahrenheit this morning, which probably means decreased system losses and elevated antenna current.  Using WSPR overnight, Ken reported good transmitting activity with 23 stations decoded.  He received reports from 84 unique stations including KL7L,  YV7MAE,  EA8BFK,  K9FD (/KH6),   ZF1EJ and eight Canadian stations.

Ted, KC3OL, reported a JT9 QSOwith WB4JWM.

Tom, WB4JWM, reported a slow night, completing JT9 QSO’s with KC3OL and NO3M.

Ben, N1VF completed a long, transcontinental JT9 QSO with NO3M.  Recall that Ben is using a very short wire vertical suspended from a tree on his suburban San Francisco lot.

Robert, KR7O, reported “Very little NA beyond 2200km.  On JT9, copied NO3M and WA9CGZ and WSPR, K2BLA (1/-15), KC4SIT (17/-20).

KL7L – 66 spots, -14

K9FD 101 spots, -6

VK4YB 1 spot, -28

Robert added that it “…looks like there may have been some one-way northern paths.  Saw NC0B calling KL7L many times and WA9CGZ calling AH6EZ but no sign of any QSO.  “

It was a quiet night at KB5NJD.  A bit of antenna icing meant that I spent most of the evening listening.  I made a few calls, however, receiving an RST 559 report from NO3M during the early evening.  The band sounded fine but due to family commitments I did not remain on the air until late evening when much of the activity got underway.  I’ll get back to a normal schedule shortly.

Trans-Atlantic WSPR summary follows:






Trans-Pacific WSPR summary follows:

KL7L -> K9FD




Hideo, JH3XCU, submitted this link detailing DX -> JA WSPR decode totals and DX -> JA WSPR S/N peaks for the session, as reported on the Japanese language 472 kHz website.


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour WSPR summary


South American 24-hour WSPR summary


European 24-hour WSPR summary


African 24-hour WSPR summary


Asiatic Russian 24-hour WSPR summary


Japanese 24-hour WSPR summary


Philippine Islands 24-hour WSPR summary


Oceania 24-hour WSPR summary


Eden, ZF1EJ, reported eighteen WSPR stations including K9FD. He received reports from 43 unique stations including PJ4VHF and YV7MAE.

ZF1EJ session WSPR summary


Martin, YV7MAE reported five WSPR stations:

YV7MAE session WSPR summary


WebSDR PJ4VHF reported one WSPR station:

PJ4VHF session WSPR summary


Laurence, KL7L, reported that “For Alaska the QRN is pretty loud at this time.  3 transmitters running all synchro 33% – award for hearing XPQ, – measured as +29.7dBm into 30ft vertical – and poor Earth – 137 wspr 2 at 1W EIRP, KL7L 5W EIRP and XPQ around 3mW or so on 475.”  Laurence only had local reports for WE2XPQ using the short vertical.  On the main stations he reported seven WSPR stations and he received reports from sixteen unique stations.

KL7L session WSPR summary


Merv, K9FD (/KH6), reported eight WSPR stations and he received reports from fifty unique stations including JA1PKG, JA3TVF, JH3XCU, KL7L, VK2XGJ, VK4YB and ZF1EJ.  Merv noted very high noise during this session.

K9FD session WSPR summary


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