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Usually QRV CW most evenings, tuning between 472.5 kHz and 475 kHz with CQ's on or near 474.5 kHz. Occasionally QRV JT9, 474.2 kHz dial + 1000 - 1350 Hz. QRV some mornings starting around 1100z on CW. Sked requests are welcome. All activity is noise and WX permitting

Quiet night and calm propagation in North America, particularly in the East, meant high activity including first reported QSO’s for W1XP (CW), W7HDL (CW) and W4BCX (JT9); A few more trans-Atlantic reports than previous sessions, including high latitude reports by LA2XPA; VK4YB reports ‘Macheral Sky’ on many trans-Pacific paths to Oceania; NU6O -> JA on WSPR

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The details for December 15, 2016 can be viewed here.

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Noise was very low in North America based on reports although a few storms were present in western portions of Mexico.  NO3M reported “generally low noise levels” in the Northeast last night.   Europe continues to be dotted with lighting-producing storms and the western Pacific remains active with quite a bit of storm activity in Oceania, impacting population centers in southeastern Australia.  A few storms persist near Hawaii but those don’t seem to have impacted reports at K9FD too much.

11-hour worldwide lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions were very quiet. The Bz is at unity this morning and solar wind velocities are averaging near 385 km/s. DST values continue to push into positive territory.  Unsettled conditions are once again on the horizon, however.




Propagation appears to have been very good after dark and into the morning.  Daytime propagation was reported as better than the previous session.  Many QSO’s were reported on CW and JT9 and activity appeared high, particularly in the East.

Reverse beacon network reports follow:


David, G0MRF, reported an upcoming remote operating activity starting on December 19 that may give North American stations a very good chance to work him using JT9.  David will be using an Icom 7300, amplifier and filtered preamp from a very quiet site that he has used in the past.  The antenna will be 114-foot tall and located at a high location if I am recalling correctly.  Mark your calendars as David is planning on losing sleep to make this event a success.  More details will be forthcoming as the date nears.  David notes that this event will go through the New Year or until the antenna falls down.

Jim, W5EST, submitted the following screen capture of his WSJTx console showing JT9 activity observed at his station in Little Rock, Arkansas:






The following stations provided reports of their two-way QSO’s and/or any additional activity that might have occurred during this session (this is not necessarily a complete list – only what was reported!):

Matt, KA1R, completed a JT9 QSO with WA9CGZ.

Frank, W3LPL, completed JT9 QSO’s with K2BLA, WA3ETD, K0KE and ZF1EJ a CW QSO with W1XP.  Frank added that his JT9 transmissions were decoded by VE6JY and VE6XH.

Robert, W1XP, completed his first reported QSO’s on 630-meters, working NO3M, K9KFR and W3LPL with CW.  There may have been others but those were the stations who submitted reports.

Larry, W7IUV, reported a first time QSO with W7HDL located in Idaho.  Larry explains:

“Saw George tune up this morning right where I told him to be at around 474.5. Just pure luck I was up and looking at the screen at that moment.  We made the QSO he started out at 559 but faded out at the end. He gave me a 579.

Terry, W8ARE, reported JT9 QSO’s with K9SLQ, K5DNL and WA3ETD, who was an ‘initial’ QSO for Terry.  Using WSPR overnight, Terry reported 25 stations and he received reports from 46 unique stations.  He is working through some noise issues at this time.  As I have stated before, Terry is using a nineteen-foot-tall modestly-toploaded vertical on the patio of his condo so these are remarkable results while using just 40 watts TPO.

Keith, K0KE, reported “1 qso with W3LPL.  It took 9 sequences to complete the QSO because of QSB.  I watched the waterfall disappear several times on him in the middle of his transmissions.  He did peak at -23 but was up and down from there.  Also while listening JT9, the bandpass in USB was wide enough to hear K9KFR and NO3M on CW working W1XP.  They were both good signals 579 but W1XP non-existent.  Could even see their CW signals on the JT9 waterfall down at about 800Hz.  Could not see W1XP on the waterfall.

Ken, K5DNL, reported JT9 QSO’s with WB4JWM, WA3ETD and W8ARE.  Using WSPR overnight, Ken reported 21 stations, four of which were Canadian which Ken indicates was a record for him.  He received reports from 82 unique stations including KL7L, LA2XPA, EA8BFK and nine Canadian stations.  He shared two-way WSPR reports with K9FD (/KH6), ZF1EJ, CF7MM and VE3CIQ.  Ken indicated that noise worldwide appeared to be down.

Wayne, K9SLQ, completed JT9 QSO’s with W3XY and WA3ETD.  He completed a CW QSO with K4EJQ.

Tom, WB4JWM, completed JT9 QSO’s with K5DNL, K9SLQ and NO3M.  Tom reported that the band was good and indicated that he added more radials to his antenna for this session.

John, WA3ETD, completed JT9 QSO’s with K9SLQ, W8ARE, K5DNL and W3LPL.  John reported that one of his toploading support ropes is “stuck” due to winter weather conditions in Vermont, which has resulted in his shortening of the vertical wire element by 18 inches.  It doesn’t seem to have hurt anything!

Al, K2BLA, reported that he “Worked 2 new ones last nite; W4BCX and W3LPL. Wkd VE3CIQ and W3XY just for fun. Very low noise. No T storms for a change.

Neil, W0YSE, reported “A lot of JT9 CQ’s on my screen from last night and this morning from K5DNL, VE7VV, VE7CNF, CF7MM, NU6O, N1VF, and K0KE.  Alan, W7ALN was copying my WSPR cw id’s overnight in Brandon, OR, about 195 miles.  As for WSPR, I was heard by 48 this time including Eden, ZF1EJ,  6 times and a best of -25. That is the most decodes from him in one session to date. Merv, K9FD (KH6) decoded me 33 times with a best of -7…and I heard 7, all western states, including K5DNL, and K9FD.”

Roger, VK4YB, indicated that “TP is under the grip of a tight Mackerel Sky. I am getting into Alaska and Canada only, No Lower 48 at all.

Robert, KR7O, The evening started off slow, so I spent quite a bit of time on 2200M instead.  Around  0500Z I switched back to 630M and found 18 stations and a little bit of TC with WD8DAS (-29), W3LPL (-29), K4SV (37/-17), VE3CIQ (9/-24), NC8W (-27) overnight on WSPR.

 K9FD – 81 spots, -5

VK4YB 1 spot, -28

WH2XXP, W7IUV, KA7OEI, VE7BDQ and KL7L copied on 2200M.”

Joe, NU6O, reported reception of his JT9 transmissions by a number of stations.  Its unclear if he completed any QSO’s but a distributions of stations reporting him from PSKReporter can be seen below:

courtesy NU6O


KB5NJD was QRT during the evening but returned at 1055z on Friday morning for a little CW.  I was slated to have a CW sked with KF5RY but received an email at 1115z indicating that he would not make it.  This is unfortunate as Roger, VE7VV, was asking about my availability for a JT9 QSO attempt after receiving reports from K5DOG a bit earlier.  I had to decline due to my expectations of a sked and general “running around” that occurs here in the mornings.  It happens.  I will catch Roger on another morning that is less hectic, I am sure.  By the way, if you hear me calling CQ on CW in the mornings, there is a good chance that I am not actually sitting at the operating position.  Instead I am probably listening on wireless headphones as the CQ machine drones on while I am performing morning tasks around the house.  When I get a caller I can usually bolt to the ham shack and respond accordingly.

I was not really outfitted to listen for extremely weak signals this morning as I had not deployed one of the best receive antennas last night due to getting home late so I listened with the resonant loop oriented East and West.  The band was strong with solid reverse beacon reports from both coasts including one at  +10 dB S/N from WZ7I in Pennsylvania.  That report was the peak at 1058z and decreased steadily on the approach to first light.  I thought I heard a couple of calling signals but only detection was possible and they did not seem to respond when I called.  I QRT’ed by 1215z.

Trans-Atlantic WSPR report summary follows:








Trans-Pacific WSPR report summary follows:







Hideo, JH3XCU, submitted this link detailing DX -> JA WSPR decode totals and DX -> JA WSPR S/N peaks for the session, as reported on the Japanese language 472 kHz website.


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour WSPR summary


South American 24-hour WSPR summary


European 24-hour WSPR summary


Japanese 24-hour WSPR summary


Indonesian 24-hour WSPR summary


Oceania 24-hour WSPR summary


Eden, ZF1EJ, experienced a strong night, reporting seventeen WSPR stations.  He received reports from fifty unique stations including LA2XPA.  He shared two-way WSPR reports with K9FD.

ZF1EJ session WSPR summary


Martin, YV7MAE, reported WSPR from K4SV.

YV7MAE session WSPR summary


Laurence, KL7L, is now home and reports a bit of antenna damage but the power amplifier is in good shape.  He was in a receive-only capacity overnight, reporting JT9 CQs from VE7VV, VE7CNF, CF7MM and NU6O.  Using WSPR, he reported seven unique stations including VK4YB.

KL7L session WSPR summary


Kevin, KL7KY, reported six WSPR stations including VK4YB.

KL7KY session WSPR summary


Merv, K9FD (/KH6), reported fourteen WSPR stations.  He shared two-way reports with ZF1EJ, VK4YB and JA1PKG. Merv received reports from 62 unique stations including 7L1RLL4, JA1NQI/2, JA1PKG, JA3TVF, JE1JDL, JH3XCU, KL7KY, KL7L, TNUKJPM, VK2XGJ and VK4YB.

K9FD session WSPR summary


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