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Usually QRV CW most evenings, tuning between 472.5 kHz and 475 kHz with CQ's on or near 474.5 kHz. Occasionally QRV JT9, 474.2 kHz dial + 1000 - 1350 Hz. QRV some mornings starting around 1100z on CW. Sked requests are welcome. All activity is noise and WX permitting

Deep, wild QSB reported by a number of stations during this session but activity and QSO counts are strong as K7PO surfaces on 630 meter CW handing out a few QSO’s

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Storms were present in  Florida and surrounding coastal areas, likely impacting parts of the southeastern US and Caribbean.  Other parts of North America were lighting free.  Northern Europe has seen a return on lightning-rich storms while the Mediterranean region is finally clear.  Lightning was active at times in southern Japan, leaving the North clear while eastern Australia is once again experiencing strong storms along the coast, extending across the sea of Tasman near the south island of New Zealand.

11 hour world wide lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions are at quiet to elevated-quiet levels.   The Bz is pointing slightly to the South this morning and solar wind velocities are averaging near 450 km/s.  Solar wind velocities actually increased above 500 km/s during the evening in North America, probably in-step with the early evening decrease to DST reports by the Australian DST measurement.  Kyoto DST values were very stable, just below the center line.  The Australian measurement was a bit more active with two significant decreases during the course of the session that were not observed on the Kyoto measurement.




Propagation was a bit deficient at the beginning of the session but improved quite a bit in the mid and late evening.  A number of bizarre and interesting openings were observed including North and South paths that seemed more enhanced than those that were East and West.  Many stations reported wild variability in signal levels over a very short time period.

Reverse beacon network reports follow:


Nicolas, F4DTL, reported yesterday that “TM77T special call for the annual mobilization “Telethon” in France” would be active on “JT9 and QRSS3 on MF every night from tomorrow evening until Sunday, JT9 : 475.500 kHz”  Additional information (in French) is available at https://evenement.telethon.fr/2017/

Jim, W5EST, submitted the following screen captures of his WSJTx console showing received JT9 at his station in Little Rock, Arkansas:










The following stations provided reports of their two-way QSO’s as well as any additional activity that might have occurred during this session (this is not necessarily a complete list – only what was reported!):

Neil, W0YSE, reported that he “…just had a CW QSO with Ward, K7PO tonight between 0240-0244z. Ward was 559 and solid copy, Ward gave me an RST of 539 using his TX antenna for RX. He said I would have been much louder if he had used his RX antenna. This is my best DX so far on CW. I estimate my power at ~ 2w EIRP.”

Ward, K7PO, made a surprise visit to 630-meters, completing CW QSO’s with W0YSE and W7IUV, Larry being Ward’s first QSO on 630 meters since Part 97 implementation.

Al, K2BLA, reported “…a little JT9 this AM wkd K9SLQ, WA3ETD and W3XY, a new one. WSPR: hrd by 53, hrd 13. Lightning crashes from stalled cold front north of me.

Terry, W8ARE, reported JT9 QSO’s with K9KFR, WA9CGZ, NO3M and K9SLQ.  He added that WA9CGZ was a new station for him.

Ted, KC3OL, completed JT9 QSO’s with NC0B and K5DNL.

Tom, WB4JWM, completed a JT9 QSO with WA9CGZ.

Matt, KA1R, completed a JT9 QSO with W3LPL.

Frank, W3LPL, completed JT9 QSO’s with K3MF and WA9CGZ (thanks KA1R for this report).

Larry, W7IUV, reported a CW QSO with K7PO for a new state and he was also Ward’s for QSO on 630 meters under Part 97 rules.  Larry also observed wild QSB swings through the evening, noting that K0KE went from +13 dB S/N on JT9 to nothing in just 12 minutes.

Rob, NC0B, reported JT9 QSO’s with K5DNL, W7IUV, K5DOG, KB0PPQ, W0YSE, K9SLQ, KC3OL, W9XA and K9MRI.  Rob added that:

“Stations I saw worked by others, but I never decoded in Colorado:  W8ARE, W3XY & W3LPL.  I worked Frank, W3LPL, last week, so I guess the skip was too short.  Illinois and Indiana dominated tonight with 50% from those two states.  The two KS contacts were a new state for me.”

Regarding his QSO with K5DNL, Rob reported a common observation for this session:  “I worked him when he peaked at +4, with his signal from -9 to +4. I have never seen that much variation before.

Ken, K5DNL, completed JT9 QSO’s with KC3OL and NC0B this morning.  Using WSPR overnight, Ken reported nineteen stations and he received reports from 96 unique stations including eleven Canadian stations.  He shared two-way WSPR reports with K9FD (/KH6), ZF1EJ and VE3CIQ.

Robert, WA1OJN, completed a JT9 QSO with WA9CGZ for a new distance record at his station of 779.6 miles following the addition of radials to his system.  Robert and WA3ETD were hoping to connect for a QSO but they were not on the air at the same time during this session.

Robert, KR7O, reported “Conditions and activity improving, but still below normal.  K2BLA (-23), K4SV (33/-17) and ZF1EJ (2/-28) were the only TC.

KL7L nil

K9FD 67 spots, -7 

VK4YB 6 spots, -22

Roger, VK4YB, reported “Heavy QRN, so no chance of 2-way QSOs. WSPR was very slow to get going, but improved steadily. The numbers were quite respectable eventually.”  Roger was reported in North America and Asia using WSPR, as summarized later in this report.

It was a short night at KB5NJD which had the consequence of missing a new state with the CW activity of K7PO in Arizona.   It was not a total loss as I completed another nice CW QSO with Bob, K9KFR.  He was quite strong and armchair copy during this session and based on his report, I was at similar levels.  Interestingly enough, I never heard K4EJQ and NO3M was very light, just a whisper above the noise.  Eric reported that I was also weaker than normal.  This morning was quiet.  I received an email report from Art, N4PT, located in Tuscon at RST 579 this morning.  W0YSE was not hearing me as of 1130z but my reverse beacon reports in VE6 did not begin until shortly after that time.  As with the previous session, the higher angle receive antenna was better for paths to the East while the West was better with the west-facing K9AY loop.


Trans-Atlantic WSPR summary follows:



Trans-Pacific WSPR summary follows:




Hideo, JH3XCU, submitted this link detailing DX -> JA decode totals and DX -> JA S/N peaks for the session, as reported on the Japanese language 472 kHz website.


The WSPRNet activity page reported 163 MF WSPR stations at 0000z.   Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour WSPR summary


European 24-hour WSPR summary


Asiatic Russian 24-hour WSPR summary


Japanese 24-hour WSPR summary


Oceania 24-hour WSPR summary


Eden, ZF1EJ, reported ten WSPR stations and he received reports from 61 unique stations including K9FD.

ZF1EJ session WSPR summary


Laurence, KL7L, reports a problem back at KL7L with the power amplifier so he will remain in a receive-only capacity until that problem can be resolved remotely or when he returns.  At KL7L/KH6, Laurence continues to report WSPR from K9FD some 60 miles away in spite of path problems.  Using WSPR, KL7L reported seven WSPR stations including K9FD and VK4YB.

KL7L session WSPR summary


Merv, K9FD (/KH6), provided reports for eleven WSPR stations including  ZF1EJ. He shared two-way reports with VK4YB, K5DNL, KR6LA, NU6O, W0YSE and W7IUV. Merv received reports from 41 unique stations including 7L1RLL4, JA1PKG, JA3TVF, JE1JDL and JH3XCU.

K9FD session WSPR summary


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