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Probably QRT tonight and in the morning due to storms in the area

Another weak session as unsettled geomagnetic conditions continue and storms in the East increase noise level impacting activity; N0GMT completes first reported JT9 QSO with KC3OL; YV7MAE reported North American stations using WSPR; Interesting morning trans-Pacific propagation under current geomagnetic conditions using WSPR: VK4YB -> KL7L -> JA1PKG

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The details for December 6, 2016 can be viewed here.

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It was a noisier night in North America for many stations.  Precipitation static plagued the eastern third of the continent as a strong system moved toward the Atlantic coast.  A few storms remain this morning and noise is moderately elevated in the East.  Oceania has been plagued with storms for quite some time and while those storms remain, the coastal storms of eastern Australia are less in number than in recent sessions.  That is probably little consolation, however.  A few storms remain in and around Japan.

11-hour worldwide lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions are at unsettled to elevated quiet levels.  The Bz is pointing to the South and solar wind velocities are averaging near 540 km/s and showing quite a bit of variability this morning. DST values remain at relatively steady negative levels.  The A-index is 29 this morning.




Propagation was poor, at best, during the evening with some stations reporting wild QSB resulting in busted QSO’s.  Signals were weaker than normal and additional noise was not helping.  The morning appears to be a bit more optimistic, however.

Reverse beacon network reports for the session follow:


Jim, W5EST, presented the following screen capture of his WSJTx console showing JT9 receptions at his station in Little Rock, Arkansas:

courtesy W5EST


Joe, VO1NA, reported that he operated a CW beacon on 477.7 kHz at 40 watts TPO with an ID every 30 seconds at 12 wpm.  No reports have been received at this time.

Nicolas, F4DTL, reported yesterday that “TM77T special call for the annual mobilization “Telethon” in France” would be active on “JT9 and QRSS3 on MF every night from tomorrow evening until Sunday, JT9 : 475.500 kHz or QRSS3 : 476.200 kHz.”  Additional information (in French) is available at https://evenement.telethon.fr/2017/

The following stations provided reports of their two-way QSO’s as well as any additional activity that might have occurred during this session (this is not necessarily a complete list – only what was reported!):

Luis, EA5DOM, completed JT9 QSO’s with ON7YD and EA2BCJ.  Luis indicates that his Christmas CW transmissions will begin soon.  Details will be forthcoming.

Frank, W3LPL, completed a JT9 QSO with K9MRI and noted that he has been active on JT9 recently.  He added that he has shared two-way WSPR reports with K9FD (/KH6) for the fourth consecutive session.

Ken, K5DNL, completed JT9 QSO’s with WB4JWM and KA9OKH.  Ken also called K9KFR in the early evening but QSB was very bad.  Using WSPR overnight he reported eighteen stations and he received reports from 97 unique stations including YV7MAE and twelve Canadian stations.  Ken shared two-way WSPR reports with K9FD (/KH6) and ZF1EJ.

Tom, WB4JWM, reported JT9 QSO’s with KA9OKH and K5DNL.

Ted, KC3OL, completed what may be a first time JT9 QSO with Robin, N0GMT, located in Kansas.

Neil, W0YSE, reported a JT9 QSO with “Keith, K0KE last evening around 0310z. He was -16 and he gave me a -20. I tried a few CQ’s this morning on JT9 around 1330z but no results.”  Neil also added that “…last night my CW was picked up by N6TV (585 miles) and VE6WZ (561 miles) on their RBN’s.”  Neil operated WSPR overnight, reporting the following:

“Here are my outbound WSPR results: Out of 45 spotters, these are the most distant this session…

…and, I decoded these 5: AE5X, K4SV, K5DNL, K9FD, KL7L, KR6LA, NU6O”

Al, K2BLA, reported that he was not active during the evening.  This morning he indicated no JT9 activity but using WSPR overnight, he heard ten stations and he received reports from 48 unique stations.

Robert, KR7O, reported “Poor CDX and activity, but still a few signals from the SE.  K4SV (22/-17), K2BLA (-24), ZF1EJ (4/-26).

KL7L 35 spots, -17 (surprising given the ST numbers)

K9FD 75 spots, -10 (significant degradation in signal strength from normal)

VK4YB – nil

It was a slow evening at KB5NJD.  Signals were weak in spite of low noise in North Texas.  I received an email report of my CQ’s on CW from Ed, W0SD, who is completing his station construction.  K4EJQ was relatively steady but definitely not on a peak when I was listening.  I QRT’ed relatively early to return this morning at 1030z to find significantly better band conditions and propagation.  I had a number of reverse beacon reports from both coasts and finished the session with a local CW sked with KF5RY.

Trans-Atlantic WSPR summary follows:

AA1A -> PA0O



Trans-Pacific WSPR summary follows:




Hideo, JH3XCU, submitted this link detailing DX -> JA WSPR decode totals and DX -> JA WSPR S/N peaks for the session, as reported on the Japanese language 472 kHz website.


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour WSPR summary


South American 24-hour WSPR summary


European 24-hour WSPR summary


Asiatic Russian 24-hour WSPR summary


Japanese 24-hour WSPR summary


Oceania 24-hour WSPR summary


Eden, ZF1EJ,  reported five WSPR stations and he received reports from 72 unique stations including YV7MAE and K9FD.

ZF1EJ session WSPR summary


Martin, YV7MAE, reported two WSPR stations including K5DNL and ZF1EJ.

YV7MAE session WSPR summary


Laurence, KL7L, continues to listen as KL7L/KH6, reporting K9FD on WSPR and CW from a difficult location at the resort (photo included below).  Back in Alaska as KL7L, Laurence reported five WSPR stations including VK4YB.  He received reports from eleven unique stations including JA1PKG and he shared two-way reports with K9FD, KR6LA, NU6O and W0YSE.

KL7L session WSPR summary


KL7L/KH6 view from his listening position (courtesy KL7L)


Merv, K9FD (/KH6), reported eleven WSPR stations including VK4YB and ZF1EJ. He shared two-way WSPR reports with VK4YB, K2BLA, K5DNL, KR6LA, NU6O, W0YSE, W3LPL,  and KL7L.  Merv received reports from 46 unique stations including 7L1RLL4, JA1PKG, JA3TVF, JE1JDL, JH1INM, JH3XCU, KL7L, TNUKJPM, VK2XGJ and VK4YB.

K9FD session WSPR summary


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