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OFF AIR for storms, probably for much of the week if the forecast holds

Pacific propagation ‘sliver’ moves back North and geomagnetic field calms; New transverter at VE7CNF; WI2XBQ first time decode at JA1NQI-2; Nice to have 7L1RLL transmitting!

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This session was very different from the previous night but still had many nice qualities.  A number of CW levels were observed through the evening and particularly good numbers were observed from stations on the first hop.  Noise was higher than I really expected given how clear the lightning map was during the evening.  Noise could have been from sources other than thunderstorms but this noise had a character of storm QRN and was difficult to null.


12-hour North American lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions were much more calm than the previous several sessions, with several consecutive reporting periods where the Kp was at quiet levels.  The Bz is currently at unity and solar wind has been variable compared to the previous report, averaging near 520 km/s.  DST values are showing some divergence once again between the Kyoto and Australian values, however, and both are reporting in the negative range:







Doug, K4LY / WH2XZO, reported at the start of the evening session that sunset was less noisy than previous session as storms were over 350 miles away from his QTH.  This morning Doug added that QRN overnight was moderate and he decoded seven WSPR stations while being decoded by 27 unique stations.  The paths from VE3 and the Pacific Northwest were not open.

Ken, K5DNL / WG2XXM, reports that he decoded seven WSPR stations including WH2XCR at a best S/N of -2 dB and was he decoded by 47 unique stations including VK4YB, with a best S/N of -21 dB.


WG2XXM, as reported by VK4YB


Ward, K7PO / WH2XXP, was decoded by 53 unique stations, including VK4YB, EJTSWL, and VK2XGJ:


WH2XXP session WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)



WH2XXP, as reported by EJTSWL



WH2XXP, as reported by VK2XGJ



WH2XXP, as reported by VK4YB


Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, reports that this session was similar to the previous at his QTH although he also had a high noise and buzz.  He decoded eleven WSPR stations including VK4YB and was decoded by 42 unique stations including VK4YB and VK2XGJ:


WH2XGP session WSPR activity. Note that VK2XGJ is missing from the map and list   (courtesy NI7J)



WH2XGP, as reported by VK2XGJ



WH2XGP, as reported by VK4YB



VK4YB, as reported by WH2XGP


Roger, VK4YB, reported this morning that “…Conditions are so good we are beginning to take it as normal. The total distance of all my intercontinental DX spots (tx and rx) is 2,883,310 km so far this night and more to come before dawn.”  Roger issued an early “code 3” for the session that was later upgraded to “code 6” but QRN was sufficiently high that a CW QSO attempt with VE7SL was not advisable during this session.  Roger posted the following statistics in the ON4KST chat/logger:

“Rx 12*wg2xxm (-21) 18*wh2xgp (-16) 39*wh2xxp (-11) 2*wi2xbq (-25) 3*we2xpq (-21) 45*wh2xcr (-10)

Tx 4*wh2xnv (-22) 8*wh2xgp (-20) 1*va7mm (-32) 10* ve7cnf (-27) 22*ve7bdq (-21) 10*wi2xjq (-24) 10*wd2xsh/20 (-24) 34*wi2xbq (-20) 14*we2xpq (-14) 48*wh2xcr (0) 2*jh1inm (-25)”


VK4YB, as reported by JH1INM



VK4YB, as reported by VA7MM



VK4YB, as reported by VE7BDQ



VK4YB, as reported by VE7CNF



VK4YB, as reported by WD2XSH/20



VK4YB, as reported by WH2XNV



VK4YB, as reported by WI2XJQ


Phil, VK3ELV, received a report from JH3XCU late in the previous session:


VK3ELV,  as reported by JH3XCU


Joe, NU6O / WI2XBQ, was received for the first time by JA1NQI-2 and shared two-way reports with VK4YB.  Joe reports that his SWR was up due to rain so he was operating at only 250-watt TPO.  He also adds “4QR 612 & JOUB 774 both +30.  Looks like that was a very brief enhancement, BC signals down 10db and no more spots to VK or JA.”:


WI2XBQ, as reported by JA1NQI-2 *FIRST TIME REPORT



WI2XBQ, as reported by VK4YB



VK4YB, as reported by WI2XBQ


Toby, VE7CNF, reports that he was running a new transverter during the session which can be seen here.  He was surprised to be decoded by WH2XCR at low power and added this morning that “I spotted VK4YB (previously reported) 10 times last night 10:54-14:06, most so far. At -27 to -31 dB, not enough for JT9.”


VE7CNF, as reported by WH2XCR


Rick, W7RNB / WI2XJQ, decoded nine WSPR stations and was decoded by 21 unique stations:



Mike, WA3TTS, submitted the following comments and statistics on the session:


Jim, G7NKS, has recently begun transmitting on 472 WSPR and Clemens, DL4RAJ,  posted some of the recent reports from his station and others during the evening session:

“>So far have been seen out to 1027 km by DH5RAE, 899km by
>DL6RCN and 807km by LA3EQ.

In the meanwhile there have been more spots.

2016-10-01 19:44   G7NKS   0.475699   -22   0   IO92ub   2   OH3LMN   KP11wm   1792   45
2016-10-01 19:32   G7NKS   0.475700   -22   0   IO92ub   2   OH3LMN   KP11wm   1792   45
2016-10-01 19:22   G7NKS   0.475699   -19   0   IO92ub   2   OH3LMN   KP11wm   1792   45
2016-10-01 19:44   G7NKS   0.475700   -23   0   IO92ub   2   LA8AV   JO59cs   1076   33
2016-10-01 19:44   G7NKS   0.475699   -26   0   IO92ub   2   DL4RAJ   JN68kj   1020   108
2016-10-01 18:54   G7NKS   0.475700   -28   0   IO92ub   2   DL4MAU   JN58vj   950   111


Stefan, DK7FC, reports that he has been in contact with FR5ZX so perhaps we will see a return of the trans-African path shortly.  I would also like to see work done between VK and FR5 in addition to South America and FR5 in the near future.  Perhaps at least a JT9 QSO is possible.

I had a pretty good session, with strong domestic reports, particularly on the first hop.  I decoded nine WSPR stations and was decoded by 41 unique stations.   The path to KH6 and ZF1 was also good.  I should be back to a normal morning schedule tomorrow with CW after 1000z and CW sked at 1030z.  I have also transitioned to WSPR 24/7 while I am not actively operating.  I also transitioned my remote 472 grabber back to full band view this weekend.  I have hopes of being able to remotely decode WSPR, JT9 and run CW skimmer simultaneously but that is all a work in progress.  My session transmission reports can be seen here and my reception reports can be seen here.


WG2XIQ 24-hour WSPR activity


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:


North American 24-hour WSPR activity



European 24-hour WSPR activity



African 24-hour WSPR activity



Asian 24-hour WSPR activity



Australian 24-hour WSPR activity


There were no reports from the trans-African path.  ZS1JEN was present during the session but no reports have been filed at this time.

Eden, ZF1EJ, some how managed to continue to provide reports in spite of QRN from the Category 4 hurricane currently in the Caribbean:


ZF1EJ 24-hour WSPR activity



ZF1EJ/1 24-hour WSPR activity


Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, continues to report poor conditions from his QTH but managed two-way reports with VK4YB:


WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity



VK4YB, as reported by WE2XPQ



WE2XPQ, as reported by VK4YB



WE2XPQ, as reported by WH2XCR


Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, had another nice session with reports into WA3TTS in Pennsylvania as well as Australia, including two-way reports with VK4YB.  Merv also decoded 7L1RLL and he is wondering if that is the first time he has heard him before.  That will take a bit of research for me to confirm but it is nice to have an active transmitting JA station on 472.  Merv also reported three spots of a bogus, hybrid call sign since transitioning to listening on the transmit antenna.  The mixing products creating this call sign are likely from the very strong signals he is now encountering:


WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity



7L1RLL, as reported by WH2XCR



VK3HP, as reported by WH2XCR



VK4YB, as reported by WH2XCR



VK4ZAV, as reported by WH2XCR



WE2XPQ, as reported by WH2XCR



WH2XCR, as reported by JA1NQI-2



WH2XCR, as reported by JE1JDL



WH2XCR, as reported by VK2NP



WH2XCR, as reported by VK2XGJ



WH2XCR, as reported by VK4YB



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