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OFF AIR; QRT Thursday night but back Friday morning by 1100z

Great propagation and noisy band conditions overnight in North America; KL7L moving receive antennas again; VK4YB –> WH2XGP, KL7L; 8P9EH listening for WSPR

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Propagation continues to improve along with band activity in spite of noisy evening band conditions.  Fortunately the JT modes generally make easy work of the QRN.  Lightning noise was also reported by VK4YB from storms off the coast of northern New South Wales, impacting much of the DX report potential across Australia.

Lightning 082016

10-hour aggregation of lightning strikes worldwide


Geomagnetic conditions continue at quiet levels.  The Bz has been variable with minor excursions from North to South and solar wind velocities are near 315 km/s.

planetary-k-index 082016


Kyoto DST 082016


Australia 082016


In spite of the high noise levels in Australia, propagation was good as Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, and Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ,  decoded Roger, VK4YB.   For Larry it was the second day in a row.  I suspect that propagation would have supported the path to Australia if noise were not high there:

VK4YB 082016a

VK4YB 24-hour WSPR activity


VK4YB WH2XGP 082016

VK4YB, as reported by WH2XGP


KL7L waterfall 082016

KL7L screen capture showing WH2XCR and VK4YB


Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, also reported that he “Heard 9 including VK4YB, was heard by 29, best night in a long time!”

Steve, VE7SL, reports “A vy odd night hr. My wifi uplink went offline at 0500 so all of my hrd spots happened before 10PM local time, including the eastern ones. Had 22spots of Merv with many at CW levels as well as many CW level spots from XIQ. My wifi link often goes squirly on the best nights! Hrd by 14.”  Regarding the multiple probes being tested by WE2XPQ, Steve says, “I note that the /1 ant is consistently 1db btr on my signal.”

John, WA3ETD / WG2XKA, reports transcontinental reports during this session and provides these details:

“Best session of the summer season at WG2XKA.  A day of lower humidity allowed previously saturated foliage to partially dry, and noise levels were somewhat tolerable.  WH2XGP and VE7SL spotted this station, and Larry was spotted here for the first time in weeks.  It’s encouraging to see the general increase in activity.”

WG2XKA 082016

WG2XKA session WSPR activity


Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, had a big night in the Pacific Northwest as Neil indicates the band is “looking gooder and gooder”:

WG2XSV 082016

Rick, W7RNB / WI2XJQ, reports that he is working on a bit of frequency drift but had a strong session with the following unique reports:

WI2XJQ 082016b

WI2XJQ 082016a

Band conditions here in Texas were noisy and early evening storms forced me to delay the beginning of my transmissions but once started, WSPR decode totals were higher than seen since last spring and about 100 more than observed in the previous session.  WG2XJM returned to air after a bit of a hiatus and performing some receive antenna tests here yielded very similar reports on the probe and resonant loop with his signal.  Signals reports were very consistent from Eric and he was reporting my signal at easy CW levels this morning.  Due to local noise and approaching storms, I aborted my morning CW and JT plans once again.  Storm-free conditions return during the coming week.

Dave, G3WCB, reported good conditions and a first time reception at his station:

Good night for WSPR last night. RX antenna is a 70cm dia tuned loop at 2m above ground. SV8CS is a first for me.”

G3WCB 082016


AE5WW is now on the correct frequency and had a successful session, providing 99 reports overnight for three stations:

AE5WW 082016

Also present overnight was K5HJ who apparently lives just a few miles away from me.  I do not know the gentleman but he provided +24 dB S/N reports for me in addition to a few sidebands on either side of my signal.

Phil, VE3CIQ, reported that WG2XKA was being reported at positive S/N levels during the evening and a good session over all by morning.  Phil provided these additional comments and map:

“Coverage seems to be filling in more every day. Maybe the dam will burst soon and I will crack 2000kms.”

VE3CIQ 082016

VE3CIQ session WSPR activity


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

NA 082016

North American 24-hour WSPR activity


EU 082016

European 24-hour WSPR activity


ZR6AIC 082016

African 24-hour WSPR activity


JA 082016

Japanese 24-hour WSPR activity


VK 082016

Australian 24-hour WSPR activity


There were no reports from the trans-Atlantic, trans-African, or trans-Equatorial paths.  UA0SNV, ZR6AIC, and 8P9EH were present but no reports have been filed at this time.  8P9EH is reporting the old frequency of 503.9 kHz but I have since communicated with Sal and hopefully he will listen for our signals tonight.  In response to a number of new WSPR receiving stations that are using WSPR 2.0 and 2.11 that defaults to the old WSPR frequency, I have developed these brief instructions for operators just starting out on 630-meter WSPR.

In the Caribbean, Eden, ZF1EJ, provided more unique station reports than in recent memory:

ZF1EJ 082016

ZF1EJ 24-hour WSPR activity


Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, operated four sessions again, this time moving the travelling probe (TalktomeGoose) to a new location that seems quiet enough.  He spent a lot of time looking for the right location and moved the antenna a number of times during the process.  Laurence is hearing well, providing reports for VK4YB during the session.  He also notes that “TalktomeGoose had one more VK4YB (spot) but avg wasnt as good s/n as AcesHigh.”  Laurence provided the following map showing the relative location of the travelling probe to the high, clear probe:

KL7L Aerial view 082016

WE2XPQ 082016

WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity


WE2XPQ1 082016

WE2XPQ/1 24-hour WSPR activity


KL7L 082016

KL7L 24-hour WSPR activity


KL7L1 082016

KL7L/1 24-hour WSPR activity


VK4YB WE2XPQ 082016

VK4YB, as reported by WE2XPQ


VK4YB WE2XPQ1 082016

VK4YB, as reported by WE2XPQ/1


VK4YB KL7L 082016

VK4YB, as reported by KL7L


kl7l1 082016a

VK4YB, as reported by KL7L/1


WH2XCR WE2XPQ 082016

WH2XCR, as reported by WE2XPQ


WH2XCr WE2XPQ1 082016

WH2XCR, as reported by WE2XPQ/1


WH2XCr KL7L 082016

WH2XCR, as reported by KL7L


WH2XCr KL7L1 082016

WH2XCR, as reported by KL7L/1


Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, reports that his receive antenna is still on the ground yet he continues to report VK4YB.  In spite of noise off the eastern coast of Australia, VK4YB and VK5ABN decode Merv’s signal in addition to stations in western North America and Alaska:

WH2XCR 082016

WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity


VK4YB WH2XCR 082016

VK4YB, as reported by WH2XCR


WH2XCr VK4YB 082016

WH2XCR, as reported by VK4YB


WH2XCr VK5ABN 082016

WH2XCR, as reported by VK5ABN


Late addition:  John, VK2XGJ, was one of several stations to report upload problems during this session.  John provided missing decodes for Merv, which follow:

1138 z    -27  dB
1142 z   -22
1204 z   -25
1242 z   -17
1248 z   -32
1252 z   -17
1256 z   -13
1300 z   -25
1306 z   -24
1310 z   -21
1322 z   -23
1350 z   -25
1358 z   -29
1402 z   -21
1422 z   -27
1444 z   -27
1504 z   -26
1510 z   -21
1514 z   -19
1518 z   -20
1526 z   -27
1535 z   -20
1540 z   -26
1548 z   -16
1556 z   -24
1602 z   -28
1624 z   -29
1628 z   -27

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