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QRT for the night.. back in the morning

SCHEDULED ACTIVITY: CQ 474.5 kHz CW by 1030z through sunrise most days, WX permitting

Remarkable 13716 km opening between WH2XXC in Maryland and ZL2AFP; Very high band activity, particularly in Oceania although VK4YB reported that the ”Mackerel Sky” has diminished; Solar wind is high but G1 storm levels have failed to materialize

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The details for August 5, 2016 can be viewed here.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Neither 630-meters nor 2200-meters are open to amateurs in the US yet. That includes stations using fake or pirated call signs. Please continue to be patient and let the FCC finish their processes. UPDATED: Click here to view the proposed “considerate operators” frequency usage guide for 630-meters under Part-97 rules that was developed with the input of active band users.

Wide spread evening storms meant a lot of noise around North America.  By morning  storms were more isolated but their placement probably meant that just as many operators were impacted.  There is likely not much change in sight.

12-hour North American lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions have yet to reach storm levels, but persistent unsettled levels have been observed.  The Bz is pointing slightly to the South this morning after quite a bit of variability in the previous session and solar wind velocities have peaked near 700 km/s, with persistence this morning near 680 km/s.  DST values have leveled off but continue at negative values.




Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, experienced a strong session, reporting that:

“My WSPR was heard by 17 this session !! Got to HI, AK, AB, UT and many others fm CA to BC….and, I heard these 7 stations: WE2XPQ, WG2XXM, WH2XCR, WH2XGP, WH2XXP, WI2XBQ, WI2XJQ

I sent out a few rounds of CW last night to see if I could see my call on the RBN from the VE6, VE7 gang who were running their CW skimmers. My last CW TX was around 11:30 PM PDT. No luck this time. Looking forward to the fall/winter propagation. Also getting tired of this long dry and very hot wx here. Thinking that the earth has shifted on its axis. Seems more like southern Utah….hi.”

John, WA3ETD / WG2XKA, indicated high activity accompanied with high QRN.  He provided reports for eight WSPR stations and he received reports from sixteen unique station.

Rick, W7RNB / WI2XJQ, provided reports for eight WSPR stations and he received reports from sixteen unique stations.

Al, K2BLA / WI2XBV, reported moderate noise in Florida.  He provided reports for seven WSPR stations this morning during his brief listening session.

Mike, WA3TTS, reported “10 on 630m overnite incl xgp, xxp zf1ej, xiq,xxm,wi2xsv, xsh/15, xka, ciq, xxc”

Dave, N4DB, reported that he decoded nine WSPR stations at signal levels that were a few dB better than recent sessions.

Trans-Pacific report details, excluding E51, KL7 and KH6, can be viewed here.

Hideo, JH3XCU, submitted this link detailing DX -> JA decode totals and DX -> JA S/N peaks for the session, as reported on the Japanese language 472 kHz website.

Roger, VK4YB, has been working to return his northeast antenna to working order but the process is proving more complicated than expected.  He indicates that “I tried to raise the NE beam back to 100 ft but only succeeded in jamming the wire at the top of the tree. Now it will not go forwards or backwards. I am not sure what I will try next. I can’t use it for txing or rxing as it is. The only low noise antenna I have is the JA beam. So to try to hear North America, I had to switch to a noisy vertical and I missed out on most of the DX. After three nights of dominance, the “Mackerel Sky” has dispersed somewhat and reports of my signal were much more widespread.”  He received reports from JA1NQI/2 TNUKJPM, E51WL, WE2XPQ, WI2XBQ and W7IUV. He shared two-way reports with WH2XCR.

Rob, K3RWR / WH2XXC, of Maryland, experienced what might be the longest confirmed opening between his station and ZL2AFP at a distance of 13716 km.  Rob provided reports for nine WSPR stations and he received reports from 26 unique stations.

WH2XXC 24-hour WSPR activity


Ken, K5DNL / WG2XXM, reported that he decoded six WSPR stations and he received reports from 39 unique stations including VK4YB, ZL2AFP, WH2XCR, ZF1EJ, and five Canadian stations.

Joe, NU6O / WI2XBQ, provided reports for eight WSPR stations including VK4YB and he received reports from seventeen unique stations including ZL2AFP.

Ward, K7PO / WH2XXP, received reports from 48 unique stations including EJTSWL, ZL2AFP, ZL1BPU, VK4YB, VK2XGJ, VK3GJZ, VK5AKK, and E51WL.  Ward indicates that his first report in ZL occurred 15 minutes before sunset in Oceania.

WH2XXP 24-hour WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)


Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, provided reports for 37 WSPR stations and he received reports from eight unique stations including ZL2AFP and VK4YB. As W7IUV, Larry provided reports for eleven WSPR stations including VK4YB.  Larry indicates that band conditions over all were improved.

WH2XGP 24-hour WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)


I operated WSPR exclusively through the evening and overnight period at 1 W ERP and 15% transmit duty cycle as noise was very high here in North Texas.  The session was OK but its obvious that its still Summer.  My transmission report details can be viewed here and my reception report details can be viewed here.

WG2XIQ 24-hour WSPR activity


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour WSPR activity


South American 24-hour WSPR activity


European 24-hour WSPR activity


Japanese 24-hour WSPR activity


Oceania 24-hour WSPR activity


Eden, ZF1EJ, provided reports for six WSPR stations. He received reports from fifteen unique station including WH2XCR.

ZF1EJ 24-hour WSPR activity


Warwick, E51WL, provided reports for six WSPR stations. Those report details, excluding WH2XCR reports which are available below, can be viewed here.

E51WL 24-hour WSPR activity


Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ,  provided reports for six WSPR stations including VK4YB and he received reports from ten unique stations including ZL2AFP. He shared two-way reports with WH2XCR, WG2XSV, WI2XBQ, and WI2XJQ.  DX report details can be viewed here.

WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity


Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, provided reports for eleven WSPR stations including VK3HP and ZF1EJ. He shared two-way reports with VK4YB and WE2XPQ. He received reports from seventeen unique stations including EJTSWL, E51WL, VK2EIK, VK2XGJ, VK3DB, VK3GJZ, ZL1BPU and ZL2AFP.  DX report details can be viewed here.

WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity


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