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Current Operating Frequency and Mode

Probably QRT tonight and in the morning due to storms in the area

Selectively strong and localized trans-Pacific openings were the highlight of the session as seasonal propagation changes continue

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The details for August 1, 2016 can be viewed here.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Neither 630-meters nor 2200-meters are open to amateurs in the US yet. That includes stations using fake or pirated call signs. Please continue to be patient and let the FCC finish their processes. UPDATED: Click here to view the proposed “considerate operators” frequency usage guide for 630-meters under Part-97 rules that was developed with the input of active band users.

Population centers in the central and eastern US were generally storm free as the session progressed from evening into the overnight.  Storms in the Desert Southwest into far West Texas were active and a cold front will progress East tonight bringing rain to the south central US over the next several days.  Mexico and parts of the Caribbean look pretty noisy, at least during the evening.

11-hour North American lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions are quiet in spite of a minor coronal hole that has rotated past Earth through this session.  The Bz is pointing  to the North and solar wind velocities are averaging near 340 km/s. DST values remained at positive level through the session.





Phil, VE3CIQ, reported a good session from Ontario.  He decoded five WSPR stations and he received reports from twenty unique stations including his best DX, VE6XH at a distance of 2900 km.

Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, reported that his amplifier is operative again after replacing the IRF540 FET.  He believes he is operating near 1.85-watts ERP, possibly a bit less but he will claim 2-watts ERP for WSPR reporting.  He provided reports for six WSPR stations including WE2XPQ, WH2XCR, WH2XGP, WH2XXP, WI2XBQ, and WI2XJQ.  He received reports from fourteen unique stations including WE2XPQ, WH2XCR, WH2XGP, WI2XBQ, WI2XJQ, WW6D, KJ6MKI, KO6KL, N6GN, N6SKM, VE6XH, VE7BDQ, VE7BPB, and W7IUV.

Rick, W7RNB / WI2XJQ, returned briefly from hiatus to provide reports for seven WSPR stations and he received reports from twelve unique stations including two-way reports shared with WH2XCR and WE2XPQ.

Ernie, KC4SIT / WI2XQU, reported that he  “…had 23 unique stations spot WI2XQU and I decoded 4 stations. One thing I am noticing is that I never decode Phil VE3CIQ and can’t find a history of when I have ever decoded him. Everyone around me decodes Phil so this has piped my interest and I’m research more into the why”

Dave, N4DB, indicated that the band remains quiet after a cold front moved through his area of Virginia. He provided reports for six WSPR stations including session best WH2XXP at -17 dB S/N.  He also decoded ZF1EJ all night.

Al, K2BLA / WI2XBV, reported lightning crashes from a storm system that moved South of his QTH but during his morning listening session, he reported five WSPR stations and indicated that he was surprised that one of those stations was WH2XCR.

Mike, WA3TTS, reported reasonable MF band conditions for the season but noted fewer stations on the air.  He decoded seven WSPR stations including:


Trans-Pacific report details, excluding KL7 and KH6, can be viewed here.

Hideo, JH3XCU, submitted this link detailing DX -> JA spots per day for the period between June 1 and July 31, 2017, as  reported on the Japanese language 472 kHz website.  Session DX -> JA totals and S/N peaks for those totals can be viewed here.

Roger, VK4YB, reported “Low QRN, but receiving was a little disappointing at my QTH. At least 19 VK/ZL stations were active.” He received reports from WI2XBQ and JA1NQI/2.  He provided reports for WH2XXP and he shared two-way reports with WH2XCR.

Joe, NU6O / WI2XBQ, provided reports for seven WSPR stations including VK4YB and he received reports from twelve unique stations including ZL2AFP.

Ward, K7PO / WH2XXP, received reports from 53 unique stations overnight including EJTSWL, ZL1BPU, ZL2AFP, VK4YB, VK5AKK, VK3XHM and VK2XGJ.

WH2XXP session WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)


Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, provided reports for five WSPR stations and he received reports from thirty unique stations including ZL2AFP. As W7IUV, Larry provided reports for seven WSPR stations.

WH2XGP 24-hour WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour lightning summary


European 24-hour lightning summary


Japanese 24-hour lightning summary


Chinese 24-hour lightning summary


Oceania 24-hour lightning summary


Eden, ZF1EJ, provided reports for three WSPR stations. He received reports from twenty unique stations including WH2XCR.

ZF1EJ 24-hour WSPR activity


Warwick, E51WL, was off-air during this session but provided late reports for VK4YB in the previous session. Those report details can be viewed here.

Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, provided reports for five WSPR stations and received reports from nine unique stations. He shared two-way reports with WH2XCR, WG2XSV,  WI2XJQ and WI2XBQ.

WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity


Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, provided reports for twelve WSPR stations including VK3HP, VK3XHM, ZF1EJ, and ZL1EE. He shared two-way reports with VK4YB, WH2XGP, WG2XSV, WI2XBQ, WI2XJQ, and WE2XPQ. He received reports from EJTSWL, VK2XGJ, ZL1BPU, and ZL2AFP.  DX report details can be viewed here.

WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity


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