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OFF AIR for storms, probably for much of the week if the forecast holds

Quiet geomagnetic conditions but only average propagation and a few concentrated areas of storms increased noise in North America; VK4YB -> JA continues

– Posted in: 630 Meter Daily Reports, 630 Meters

The details for May 27, 2016 can be viewed here.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Neither 630-meters nor 2200-meters are open to amateurs in the US yet.  Please continue to be patient and let the FCC finish their processes.  Click here to view the proposed “considerate operators” frequency usage guide for 630-meters under Part-97 rules that was developed with the input of active band users.

Lightning was limited around the continent but where concentrated, it was intense, most notably in the central US. Noise definitely increased as morning approached but the band was moderately open and relatively normal for late May.

12-hour North American lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions were quiet as the Bz continues to point slightly to the South.  Solar wind velocities are very low, averaging near 290 km/s.  DST values have moved to positive levels for persistent reporting periods.




Phil, VE3CIQ, indicates that it was a “lean night” in Ontario as he decoded one WSPR station while he was decoded by twelve unique stations including a stations in VE4 at over 1700 km away.

Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, reported that this session was much like the last.  I suppose consistency is a good thing!  Neil provided the following statistics:

“WG2XSV Heard these 4:  VE7BDQ, WG2XXM, WH2XGP, WI2XBQ

Heard by these 9 stations: N6RY, NO1D, VE4XC, VE6XH, VE7BDQ, W7IUV, WH2XCR, WH2XGP, WI2XBQ”

Doug, K4LY / WH2XZO, reported that he decoded six WSPR stations in spite of high QRN in South Carolina.

Ken, K5DNL / WG2XXM, reported that he decoded two WSPR stations and he received reports from 31 unique stations including WH2XCR and three Canadian stations.

Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, provided reports for six WSPR stations and he received reports from fourteen unique stations.  As W7IUV, Larry provided reports for six WSPR stations.

WH2XGP session WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)


Dave, N4DB, reported that while the band was noisier than the previous session, he decoded seven WSPR stations which was better than he had experienced in several days.

Trans-Pacific report details, excluding KL7 and KH6, can be viewed here.

Hideo, JH3XCU, provided links detailing VK -> total JA DX and VK -> JA peak S/N for the session.

Roger, VK4YB, reported “Occasional high QRN from short range storms but generally good receiving conditions. Propagation is not quite reaching North America. Hawaii strong as usual and many JA listeners.”  Roger received reports from 7L1RLL4, JA1NQI/2, JA3TVF, JR1IZM, JH3XCU, and TNUKJPM.  He shared two-way reports with WH2XCR.

It really was a quiet start to the evening which led me to call CQ on 474.5 kHz CW on the lead-up to darkness.  No additional QSO’s were completed but the band sounded open.  WSPR reports, however, suggest that openings were slow to develop and overnight results suggest generally flat domestic propagation.  My transmission report details can be viewed here and my reception report details can be viewed here.

WG2XIQ 24-hour WSPR activity


Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour WSPR activity


European 24-hour WSPR activity


Japanese 24-hour WSPR activity


Oceania 24-hour WSPR activity


Eden, ZF1EJ, had no reports for the session in spite of being in a receive-only capacity through the weekend.  It is possible that the antenna connection was pulled temporarily due to local weather conditions.

Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, provided reports for three WSPR stations and he received reports from one unique station.  He shared two-way reports with WH2XCR.

WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity


Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, provided reports for VK3HP and he shared two-way reports with VK4YB and WE2XPQ.  He received reports from VK2XGJ and ZL2AFP.  Merv’s DX report details can be viewed here.

WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity


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