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OFF AIR; QRT Thursday night but back Friday morning by 1100z

Elevated Kp and solar wind led to brief storm conditions and southerly Bz; Strong night with KH6 <--> VK; WG2XXM –> VK4YB; WI2XHK first transmissions and reports on 630-meters; VE3CIQ –> VK4YB??? Is it possible?

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Lightning QRN has increased over the past few weeks across North America.  This is not terribly surprising since it is late April and the noise levels have been curiously low for the types of storms we have seen.  The band appeared to be relatively good after a slow start.  Terry, W8ARE / WI2XHK, embarked on what is believed to be his first formal test outing using WSPR on 630-meters.  He did well using what is believed to be transverter output only (0 dbm) as well as reduced output from an amplifier.  Terry is in an unusual situation in that he is a condo dweller and is using a 40-meter vertical with a deployable top loading wire and based loading.  The antenna is located along a tree line and the his ATU is hidden under a decorative rock to satisfy his HOA.  This may be a first.  Check out some of Terry’s result at an estimated 100 mW ERP:

WI2XHK 042416

WI2XHK’s first serious WSPR excursion on 630-meters. He did well for 100 mW, receiving a number of reports well before sunset


Geomagnetic conditions were elevated through the session with solar wind velocities exceeding 500 km/s.  While the period of storm conditions was brief, the Bz turned sharply to the south.

planetary-k-index 042416


Kyoto 042416


Australia 042416


Roger, VK4YB, reports that a decode for WG2XXM was missed due to the WSPR software not being set to upload spots.  Roger also notes the possibility of a remarkable reception report that faded before it was decoded.  Details and statistics are provided below:

VK4YB 042416a


VK4YB 042416b

WG2XXM, as reported on the VK4YB WSPR console


Phil, VE3CIQ, notes that this report from Roger is not out of the realm of possibility as he has worked VK with 100-watts on phone using a wire thrown into the same tree supporting his antenna on 80-meters.  While we will never know and definitive evidence is weak, its a remarkable opportunity to consider.  I’ve not checked to see where the antipode is located for this path but could this be antipodal focusing if it is real?  The band was fantastic in VK last night.  Additionally Phil reports that he decoded WG2XIQ, WG2XKA, WG2XXM, WH2XZO and WI2XFI and was decoded by NO3M, SWL/K9, VE2PEP, WA3TTS/2, WG2XKA, WH2XZO, WI2XFI, WI2XFO, and WI2XHK.

As previously reported, Ken, K5DNL / WG2XXM, was decoded by VK4YB during the session.  He also reported that he decoded six stations and was decoded by 28, with decreased overall activity, not uncommon for this time of year.  Additionally Ken decoded WI2XFI at 200mW ERP with a best of -25 dB S/N at 1353km.  Ken was also decoded by WH2XCR 53 times with a best report of -9 dB S/N at a distance of 6007 km.

Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, provided the following statistics for his station located in Washington state:

WG2XSV 042416

Al, K2BLA / WI2XBV, reported that he also decoded the 200 mW ERP signal of WI2XFI during the session.

Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

NA 042416

North American 24-hour WSPR activity


EU 042416

European 24-hour WSPR activity


VK 042416

Australian 24-hour WSPR activity


JA 042416

Japanese 24-hour WSPR activity


There were no Caribbean, trans-Atlantic or trans-African path reports during this session.  UA0SNV was present but no reports were found in the WSPRnet database.

Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, had a pretty good session in both Alaska and Hawaii.  Operating in a receive-only capacity in Hawaii, Laurence, reported VK4YB in what was a big night in Oceania and the Pacific.

WE2XPQ 042416

WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity


WE2XPQ WH2XCR 042416

WE2XPQ, as reported by WH2XCR


WE2XPQ KL7LKH6 042416

WE2XPQ, as reported by KL7L/KH6


KL7LKH6 042416

KL7L/KH6 24-hour WSPR activity


VK4YB KL7LKH6 042416

VK4YB, as reported by KL7L/KH6


WH2XGP KL7LKH6 042416

WH2XGP, as reported by KL7L/KH6


Pacific and Oceanic activity was very high and band conditions were very good resulting in numerous significant reports for Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, in Hawaii and several stations in Australia, some of which had their first reports with Hawaii.  There was a significant amount of chatter on the VK 600m email reflector but those discussions are too numerous to transcribe here.  Instead I will simply show Merv’s WSPR map and report details for the session for WH2XCR and appropriate VK stations.  These details will be a combination of Australian and Hawaiian activity.

WH2XCR 042416

WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity


WH2XCR WE2XPQ 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by WE2XPQ


WH2XCR VK7TW 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by VK7TW


WH2XCR VK4YB 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by VK4YB


WH2XCR VK3ELV 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by VK3ELV


WH2XCR VK2XGJ 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by VK2XGJ


WH2XCR VK2DDI 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by VK2DDI


WH2XCR VK2COW 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by VK2COW


VK5ABN WH2XCR 042416

WH2XCR, as reported by VK5ABN


VK4YB WH2XCR 042416

VK4YB, as reported by WH2XCR


VK3ELV WH2XCR 042416

VK3ELV, as reported by WH2XCR



VK3ELV, as reported by TNUKJPM


VK3ELV JH3XCU 042416

VK3ELV, as reported by JH3XCU


VK3ELV JA8SCD 042416

VK3ELV, as reported by JA8SCD


VK3ELV JA8SCD5 042416

VK3ELV, as reported by JA8SCD5


No discussion from Jim, W5EST, today who is taking Sunday off.  He will return tomorrow with his quality content and discussions.

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