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OFF AIR for storms, probably for much of the week if the forecast holds

Low noise and quiet geomagnetic conditions result in many trans-Atlantic openings including WH2XXP -> LA2XPA/2; Night two for the European MF QSO party is in the books with night three and CW ahead; JT9 QSO number 3 between VE7SL and ZF1EJ; Solid maiden voyage for WI2XQU; Great JA openings for WE2XPQ and WH2XCR

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The details for March 18, 2016 can be viewed here.

This was another very quiet session for quite a bit of North America in spite of a few storms in the South and a few others in North California.  None of these storms created problems here in Texas but if you were near one you probably have a different opinion.  I would call the overall noise level overnight uncharacteristically low for mid-March with Spring just a few days away.  I hope it continues.

11-hour North American lightning summary


Geomagnetic conditions remain quiet to very quiet with  the Bz barely moving from its location very near the centerline.  Solar wind velocities continue in the low category, averaging 340 km/s.  DST values rode the centerline as well with  several periods of positive levels.




Steve, VE7SL, completed a third JT9 QSO with Eden, ZF1EJ. Both stations were quite loud here and I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t have the forethought to gather screen captures as the QSO occurred later in the evening and I was ready for bed.  Both stations operated near 1100 Hz center frequency with Steve reporting Eden near the detection limit at -25 dB S/N.  Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, reported that Steve was in “single digits” at his station not too far from British Columbia.  Here both stations were at or near single digits with VE7SL registering -13 dB S/N and Eden registering -8 dB S/N.  Good work guys.  Perhaps someone will be able to produce a screen capture to commemorate another blessed two-way QSO.

This session marked the JT9/WSQ2 installment of the European MF QSO party.  I have not received any reports of QSO’s at this time but will add them as they become available.  Tonight is the final night, centering on CW activity.

Trans-Atlantic WSPR activity was very good again, spreading into the southern and western regions of the US after a few day’s hiatus, allowing WH2XXP to make the long, high-latitude haul to LA2XPA.  Activity also spread as far South as WI2XRM who received reports for three stations and G8HUH also had another very strong session with reports from six stations.  Phil, VE3CIQ, was one of those stations and reported that it “must have been a terrific night.”  Report details can be viewed here.



WG2XXM -> F1AFJ, F59706





Paul, N1BUG, reported “QRN low/moderate declining to very low by morning. Noise floor higher than usual for unknown reason. Heard 16 including G8HUH… WH2XGP.”  Paul indicates that a reboot returned his noise floor to normal levels.

Ken, K5DNL / WG2XXM, reported that he decodes seventeen WSPR and was decoded by 72 unique stations including WE2XPQ, F1AFJ, F59706, and two-way reports with WH2XCR at a distance of 6007km and CF7MM at a distance of 2598km.

Al, K2BLA / WI2XBV, reports that he apparently missed the trans-Atlantic openings that brought activity to his region but he provided reports for fourteen WSPR stations and was reported by 45 unique stations which was a new record for his stations.  He also shared two-way reports with WH2XCR.

Doug, K4LY / WH2XZO, began transmitting late in the evening, decoding twenty WSPR stations, which was a new record for him, including WI2XQU who was on the air for essentially his first night.  Doug received reports from 52 unique stations through a night that was plagued with QRN and some rain.

Rick, W7RNB / WI2XJQ,  provided reports for thirteen WSPR stations and received reports from 36 unique stations, covering much of North America.  Rick’s unique report details can be viewed here.

Neil, W0YSE/7 / WG2XSV, reported that he “…had PC issues yesterday. Vista machine would not come up at all. Had to switch to the old XP PC. It kept locking up wsjt-x and had other issues. Thus WG2XSV was silent this session.  I put the W0YSE radio and Win 7 PC on 630M to receive only (it is not set up for 630m operations) and heard the following stations: Got only 1 decode from XSH/15, but lots from each of the others…”


Ken, SWL/EN61, reported that he decoded a record 21 WSPR stations overnight at his station in Indiana.

Ernie, KC4SIT / WI2XQU, made his maiden voyage during this session after a few improvements at his station.  He indicates that more will follow shortly. He had a very nice first session of reports from forty unique stations.

WI2XQU 24-hour WSPR activity


Trans-Pacific report details, excluding KL7 and KH6, can be viewed here.

Hideo, JH3XCU, posted links to two tables showing NA/VK -> JA DX totals and NA/VK -> JA peak S/N for the session.

Ward, K7PO / WH2XXP, received reports from 72 unique stations including ZL2AFP, JA1NQI-2, JA1PKG, JE1JDl, JR1IZM and the previous trans-Atlantic reports from LA2XPA/2.

WH2XXP session WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)


Joe, NU6O / WI2XBQ, received two reports from JA1NQI-1, best at -27 dB S/N.

Larry, W7IUV / WH2XGP, provided reports for twenty WSPR stations and was reported by 66 unique stations including JA1NQI-1.  As W7IUV, Larry provided reports for eighteen WSPR stations including VK3HP.

WH2XGP session WSPR activity (courtesy NI7J)


Grant, VK3HP, received reports from W7IUV.

Phil, VK3ELV, received late reports from the previous session from JA1NQI/1 and JH3XCU.

I started my on air activity just prior to 2300z and it took quite a while before I received my first report of the session.  WSPR activity was very good and reports were also solid, likely due to the very quiet noise levels.  Many CW and JT9 level reports were registered across North America and I was happy to receive several reports from F1AFJ.  It was also nice to witness the most recent JT9 QSO between VE7SL and ZF1EJ.  Both stations were quite strong.  The band continues to be in good shape for so late in the season.  My WSPR transmission report details can be viewed here and my WSPR reception report details can be viewed here.

WG2XIQ 24-hour WSPR activity


This morning I was awake very early so I turned on the “CQ machine”while I was working and received a few audible reports from Phil, VE3CIQ.  My signal was up and down but Phil successfully used FLDIGI to decode part of one of my CQ’s.  Unfortunately Part-5 rules do not permit me to make a QSO with a DX stations.

No additional QSO’s were completed but there were a few “phantom ditters” heard from time to time.

Regional and continental WSPR breakdowns follow:

North American 24-hour WSPR activity


European 24-hour WSPR activity


Asiatic Russian 24-hour WSPR activity


Japanese 24-hour WSPR activity


Australian 24-hour WSPR activity


Eden, ZF1EJ, provided reports for fifteen WSPR stations and was reported by 25 unique stations.  The path to KH6 was cut off entirely.  Eden completed a previously reported two-way JT9 QSO with VE7SL during this session.

ZF1EJ 24-hour WSPR activity


Laurence, KL7L / WE2XPQ, experienced a significant amount of JA activity on the approach to sunrise, receiving reports from 7L1RLL4, JA1NQI-1, JA3TVF, JH3XCU, JR1IZM, JA1PKG, and JR1IZM.  The path to VK was cut off again but he shared two-way reports with WH2XCR and his coverage of the western and central portion of North America continues.  DX report details can be viewed here.

WE2XPQ 24-hour WSPR activity


Merv, K9FD/KH6 / WH2XCR, continues to experience nice JA openings as well, receiving reports from JA1NQI-1, JE1JDL, JH3XCU, JR1IZM, and JA1PKG.  The path to VK was open briefly with reports from VK2XGJ and Merv provided reports for VK3ELV and VK3HP but all of these reports came from earlier in the session.  North American coverage continues to be very good with many stations in the East sharing two-way reports with Merv.  DX report details can be viewed here.

WH2XCR 24-hour WSPR activity


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