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OFF AIR for storms, probably for much of the week if the forecast holds

Incomplete report today: Deep QSB but a number of QSO’s reported with JT9 and CW; Great trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific openings reported; JT9 trans-Atlantic activity night set for 2300-0100z TONIGHT!

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My Internet is back but I am so far behind that today’s report is going to be brief, including only reports that were emailed to me with little editorializing or imagery.  I will return to normal reporting tomorrow.

Ike, KW7T, reported that he made antenna improvements this weekend:

Sunday afternoon project. I increased the length of my 630m antenna by about 35%. Took a couple hours goofing with the loading coil taps, but finally got everything back to resonance. Loads about the same, and not much difference on receive, but at least I have more transmit radiation exposure with the added length. So will see what happens.

Luis, EA5DOM, reported that Pascal, FR5DH, has returned to air after last reporting EU in December.

Ken, K5DNL, reported excellent band conditions while operating WSPR.  He decoded 27 stations including KL7L and VK4YB.  He received reports from 93 unique stations including KL7L, VK4YB, F59706, PA3ABK, LA2XPA, PA0RDT, G0MJI,  ON5KQ, G0LUJ, F6GEX, YV7MAE and  ZF1EJ.

Tom, WB4JWM, reported JT9 QSO’s with KC3OL, K9SLQ, K9MRI and VE7SL, which was Tom’s best DX so far.

Steve, VE7SL, completed a JT9 QSO with WB4JWM for state #22.  He also worked KL7L using CW and JT9.

Jim, W5EST, reported seeing WA9CGZ CQing with JT9 during this session:

courtesy W5EST


Mal, G3KEV, received reports last night using WSPR from W1IR, KA1R,  N1BUG, NO3M, W8AC and VE1YY.  Mal added that “Some stns were strong enough for a QSO using QRSS or JT9 but unfortunately all were in WSPR mode

Robert, KR7O, reported:

Good conditions and low QRN early on, but both deteriorated later in the evening.  Very noisy at SR, but still strong TC and TP propagation overnight.  On JT9, copied W9XA, K9MRI, KL7L, and VK4YB (-24).  Good regional activity.  Heard VE7SL on CW (working KL7L).  On WSPR, I was copied by 21, including W0DJK and ZF1EJ (first time) and copied WD8DAS (-28), WA9CGZ (72/-15), N4WLO (5/-18), KC4SIT (43/-19), K4LY (5/-24), N1BUG (-24), and ZF1EJ.

ZF1EJ 6 spots, -23

KL7L 70 spots, -8

VK4YB 39 spots, -16.  Vy good cdx.

Paul, N1BUG, reported on the 600 meter research group email reflector that there will be an “JT9 EU <> NA activity tonight”.  Times seem to range from 2300z – 0100z, excluding much of North America.  There is also no consensus yet as to who transmits first but Paul proposed that EU transmit first, or what Rik, OR7T, reported as EU on the even minutes. Have a listen.

Keith, K0KE, reported:

“YV7MAE 41 decodes of K0KE best -16.  KL7L 19 decodes of K0KE best -23.  No decodes of K0KE at VK4YB (but one of K5DNL).   I decoded KL7L 13 times, best -24.  I decoded VK4YB 20 times, best -13.  Ran 40w TPO which for me is well under 5w EIRP

Mark, VA7MM, reported a JT9 QSO with KL7L, best at -9 dB S/N. (thanks WA3ETD)

Dave, AA1A, reported around 0220z that WSPR was netting good results: “2018-02-05 02:34 AA1A 0.475685 -24 FN42pb +20 0.100 LA2XPA JP33wi 3340mi…14 of these so far tonight, only RX rest of EU stns.”

Roger, VK4YB, reported an “Early sunset opening to KPH.  Strong early opening continues. Already 2-way with KL7L. It may just fade away or it could be heading for a big session.  Big opening continues. Heard by K0KE, K9AN, KC3OL, NO3M, K5DNL (2way), N0GMT, ZF1EJ et al…T9 heard in Japan, Alaska, and at NO3M.”  Later Roger indicated “Very good propagation across North America. Wspr spots: NO3M 18 spots (best -20), ZF1EJ 4 (-25), K9AN 6 (-23), N0GMT 4 (-25), KC3OL 6 (-26), K5DNL 3 (-24), K0KE 20 (-13), VE6XH 48 (-14).  Noise was low at the start but increased later. KL7L and K5DNL were logged on WSPR. There were other traces but no other decodes. My JT9 was heard by at least 8 stations including NO3M and JA1KPG.  The present weather conditions should continue until the weekend. SE winds are pushing the thunder storms to the far North. They were still troublesome because local propagation was also enhanced. Reports from VK stations were above normal.

Hideo, JH3XCU, submitted these WSPR statistics for DX-> JA report totals and best S/N for the session.

Arliss, W7XU, submitted a late report of his reception of VK4YB.  He sent me a copy of the following email to VK4YB that has all of the details:

I’m writing to report that I copied your 630m WSPR signal this morning local time (5 February) at 1146 UTC. Your signal was -28 dB. Your reported power was 37 dBm.

I’m located in southeastern South Dakota, in EN13lm. WSPR reported the distance between us as 8,458 miles. According to QRZ, using 6 digit grid squares, we’re 8456.2 miles (13608.9 km) apart. Either way, you’re by far the best DX I’ve received on 630m.

I’m using a 80m dipole, about 35m high, for my receive antenna. My receiver is a K3S. I’m very interested in transmitting on 630m, but with snow and the temperature at -19 C this morning, I’m afraid I will have to wait until spring to get on the air.

Anyway, thanks for the excitement of seeing your signal. And just to clarify, the UTC date of my reception was also 5 February.

Here at KB5NJD, I worked K9KFR on CW during the evening with a great signal but QSB was worse than the previous night and he was headed down in signal strength after I sent my report.  Thanks Bob!

Normal reports should return tomorrow as long as the Internet continues to work.  Thanks for your patience.

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